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Do You Ever Struggle With Following up?

Perhaps you were afraid the prospect would feel like you were pressuring them. Or maybe you were afraid they would tell you no. Or it was too soon to follow up yet. Or that you would get a question you couldn’t answer. It could be that you have left a few messages already and you are just thinking that they are not interested, so what’s the point?

I’m sure there are a few more things that have crossed your mind that have kept you from reaching out to follow up. I know that I have experienced everything I mentioned already and many other “reasons,” especially early in my career. But I did it anyway. And here is the simple reason why….

The Fortune Really is in The Follow Up!

I built my business in follow up. I learned that this was where all the good stuff actually happened. Setting aside the general sales adages that you get the majority of “yes” after the 4th no (which is 100% true), I figured out that this is where the real opportunity to help the prospect occurs.

You see, in the initial contact, your prospect has very little understanding about your offer. So at this point, and this is what I teach, you are truly only finding out if they are open to learning about something that may meet their need or desire. After they have heard your story or seen your video or other presentation, if they have an interest, you are in an entirely different situation.

This is the Fun Conversation!

In the follow up you either find out immediately if they are not interested in your offer at this time, or you are in a conversation to see if they will take action right now. This is good news on both ends. You want decisions. You don’t want maybe. Follow up is how you get decisions.

This was my advantage in working the business. The initial contact was the hardest part for me to learn and do because of my introverted nature. That is how I developed the highly effective approach language and behaviors I teach, because they helped both the prospect and me, to be comfortable in the process of learning. People are trying to solve problems and you have solutions. Once they are in the process, the follow up is where the conversation shifts dramatically. They are interested if they are still talking to you.

You Have Now Moved From Across the Table to Sitting Next to Them

You are not trying to sell them on the idea at this point. You are simply helping them fill in the holes in their information so they can move forward. In the follow up you are now working together and helping them figure it out. It is when they will share more deeply because now that they understand that you may have something that will work for them and so they are more open.

In the Blueprint Process Training, (which I believe is the highest value training in the home business industry) I dig really deep into all the how’s and why’s of follow up. I know that being a follow up master can build you a strong business long term, because the relationship and your credibility go to a much higher level when you do this right.

In this video, I give you the ins and outs of the frequency of follow up and the exact formula I have used for years.

Was this helpful for you? Please let me know in the comments below. Think this would be helpful for others? Feel free to share. Let’s help as many people as we can to thrive.

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