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Does Fear Keep You From Accomplishing, or Even Pursing, What is in Your Heart to Do?

Of course it does. Think about it this way, if you truly believed you could do something, and you really wanted it, what would stop you?

Nothing…because if you truly believed it would happen you wouldn’t be afraid, so you’d do it. That’s pretty simple.

Belief is a big topic, and not today’s topic. Your just going to get a handle on how to beat your fears if you choose to. Oh, and by the way, just beating your fears doesn’t make the journey to accomplishing less of a struggle, it just allows you to act in the struggle with more vigor!

You Have Four Primary Fears to Contend With…

In no particular order these are: Rejection, criticism, other people’s opinion, and failure. I explore all four of these in my free audio “Overcoming Your Four Barriers to Success” which you can get on this site if you haven’t already. For today, you will be learning specifically how to address the fear of failure.

This is the biggest one, because it is essentially a part of all the other ones. Think about it, would you care about criticism, other’s thinking, or rejection, if you knew you would succeed? Of course not.

Fear of Failure is the Kingpin fear because it can freeze you and keep you from even trying, and it can also cause you to quit pretty fast when the going gets tough, which it will if you are trying to do anything of value.

I can say to you that the only way to fail is to quit or not try. That as long as you begin and don’t stop, you will eventually succeed to some measurable level. But since you’ve heard that before, that might just go right on by. So instead, I’m going to let you keep your fear, and change it’s direction to make it work for you.

I Call This “Flipping the Fear”

Think back in your life to a time when you had the opportunity to do something you really wanted to do. And you were afraid so you didn’t. It shouldn’t take you long to think of one or two, because as you got older and more mature you realized you could have done those things. You now experience the regret from not trying. That’s why you can readily think of it. Because regret lasts a lifetime.

So now, I want you to consider the thing or things you really deeply want to do, have, or be in your life. Consider how long you have felt this way and how it aches to know that you aren’t acting on it.

If fear is the thing holding you back…and it is….I know you could say you don’t have the time or money or your circumstances are such and such…those are excuses. If there is a will there is a way…that’s a real thing. You can figure it out if you quit being afraid and just start.

So here’s how to flip the fear. Think about what it would be like to NOT accomplish the thing. Think about the regret you will experience the rest of your life. Think about the growth you will miss out on, the new experiences you won’t have, the possibilities you will close off. Even worse, think about staying stuck in a life you don’t really want for the rest of your life.

This is way scarier than any fear you face to start and take action. The old adage is that ‘the pain of regret weighs tons and the pain of discipline weighs ounces.”

Don’t fear the ounces. Fear the tons. Put this to work for you and get moving. I share a bit more in the video for you.

Was this helpful for you? Please let me know in the comments below. Think this would be helpful for others? Feel free to share. Let’s help as many people as we can to thrive.

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