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Do You Wrestle With Feeling Your Not Worthy of Achieving Your Goals?

If you don’t, you are occupying some rare air, and are quite unique in this way.

Most of the rest of us have to deal with this issue on an ongoing basis. And it can have a devastating effect on the life we live.

Before I jump to how to grow it, it’s important to have some understanding about WHY it’s such a common struggle. That alone might offer some comfort…the fact that you are definitely not alone. If you look to your left and then to your right, whoever you see has this same issue. They just don’t talk about it, so we all go through life thinking something is wrong with us, when we are simply products of the same environment in general.

Why Would You Even Think You Aren’t Worthy?

Because you have been conditioned to feel this way. Social psychologists have done massive research on this and the gist is this…

Before you were 18 years old, you were subject to negative words relative to yourself 150,000 times. Things like “you can’t” “you won’t” You’re not” and those are some of the nicer ones. Yet, you only received positive input 5,000 times. You were negatively conditioned 3000% more than you were positively reinforced.

No wonder the black-hatted character on your left shoulder is as big as Goliath and the whited hatted character is the size of little old David. Of course there is a lesson in that isn’t there? After all, David beats Goliath and you can too!

In addition to this consistent negative conditioning close to you, you also have been hammered by the negative environment of the media your entire life, and were schooled in a manner of conformity. Let’s face it…if everyone is different, how can we be schooled to conform to a certain way of learning and living? Does that make even a fraction of sense? No!!!

All it does is make most people feel like they are less than the few that excel in that setting. Such a ridiculous measuring stick, and damaging to our very spirit.

In the video, I go a little deeper into this aspect of the topic, so make sure to watch it.

How to Improve Your Self-Worth

There are two primary things you have to do…feed David and starve Goliath.

You feed your inner David by nourishing your mind on a daily basis. It has to be consistent for two reasons. The first is that there is still a measure of negativity coming at you daily no matter what you do. And second, you have years of this stuff living deep in your head that you have to peel back and discard.

You do this by reading, listening to, and watching positive, inspiring, uplifting, and growth-oriented material. I know the power of this, because this has been quite a journey for me, given I come from a deep place of low self worth that has taken decades of doing exactly what I am suggesting for you, to balance out. (by the way, if you haven’t gotten your free audio download on “Overcoming the Four Barriers to Success” on this site, you might want to grab it)

The second thing is starving Goliath. The more you starve your Goliath, the smaller it will get. The way you do this is minimize your exposure to negativity as much as possible. Stay away from the media in general. I’m not saying put your head in the sand, I’m saying don’t spend very much time on their negative sensationalism.

You also might consider the people in your life. Who is negative? If at all possible, avoid avoid avoid. If they are too close to you to avoid, try to put them in proper perspective. Their view is not your reality. It’s theirs.

This works…you just have to work at it!

Was this helpful for you? Please let me know in the comments below. Think this would be helpful for others? Feel free to share. Let’s help as many people as we can to thrive.

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