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How would you like to have “Perpetual Prosperity?”

Perpetual prosperity is when you create a business that continues to flourish in the long run. A business that weathers the storms of changing times and difficulties. This is really what it’s all about isn’t it? At least that’s my perspective and I believe what everyone wants to achieve when they set out to build their home business organization.

I believe in taking the long view. Work hard today, but think long run in all you do. When you think and operate this way, you are less likely to take short cuts that might benefit you now but hurt you long run. An obvious aspect of perpetual prosperity is the actual task at hand. The task of recruiting new partners and customers into your business. This comes from setting specific contacting goals per day, and executing them. From consistently having people see your presentation. From being diligent in your follow up. And from providing good customer service and support to your team.

This is the practical part of the work and this is how you bring in the business. But the key ingredient is a little more. It’s about the heart of the work.

“Perpetual Prosperity Comes to Those Who Help Others”-Ken Blanchard

Working from a servant’s heart is the long run prosperity creator. It is all about giving. The more you give the more life will return to you in many ways. When you give freely, you become cherished by others because they can feel you. They know without a shadow of doubt that you care and that you put them first. There are three undeniable benefits to you from this aspect.

  1. The people who decide to build the business with you will trust and respect you on a deep level. They will want to work with you and they will want to see you succeed. This is a loyalty factor that you just don’t get any other way. Love and care for your people and they will love and care for you.
  2. You will have big fans both in your customer base and among the people who don’t even join you. You already know that not everyone is going to be a part of your business. What you might not think about is that they can still be a significant part of your success. When you are known to be a giver and a good hearted person, even those that don’t join you will speak highly of you in the community. This will serve your entire team as they work because people who know you, or of you, will talk positively about your business making it easier for everyone to grow.
  3. You will feel good immediately! This is a big thing. Just giving and being good to people feeds you and inspires you and that trickles back to you as positive vibrations you can put into the community.

Work with a servant’s heart and you will build a long term business. This video shares a few more insights as well as a little story. I hope you enjoy it.

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