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Today, in the United States, we celebrate our independence.

The 4th of July celebrates the adoption of  the United State’s Declaration of Independence in 1776. Everywhere you turn there is food and fun and parades and fireworks and all kinds of other stuff going on. Why is this such a special day?

Because we celebrate our freedom as a nation. None of us can truly relate to what it must have felt like back in 1776 to officially be free of the rule of another nation. Nor can we relate to the struggle and adversity that was required to obtain and then keep this independence. We are so far removed that we even forget how significant it is to live with the freedoms we have today.

We take for granted how good we have it. Heck, any developed nation in the world that isn’t under communist rule enjoys a unique opportunity to live in a free way. A chance to pursue life on our own terms. To decide what we want to do and then go after it. That is a freedom that we all have, but don’t always recognize.

How many people live their life as if this is not true? How many people live as if they have little to no choice in what they have, or what they do?

Very few people are truly independent because we are living in an interdependent world and we do have laws to abide by. But inside of those boundaries we are practically as free as a bird. Yes, there will be things we don’t like in the systems around us. But still, those systems serve us as much as we serve them. This article is not intended to argue politics. Its simply to point out how lucky we are to have the freedom to pursue life the way we wish to, and to have you ponder this….

Are you living like you are free?

Don’t let our forefather’s efforts be in vain. Live with the pursuit of your dreams as a part of your everyday life. Life is short. There is no guarantee how long you will be here. Don’t pursue security…it’s an illusion. Don’t play it safe…it’s just as risky. Don’t put off what you want in life until later…there is no later…only another now.

Try to live everyday in such a way that you would want to celebrate and have fireworks every day just from the exhilaration of a day well invested in that which is in your heart and with the people you love.

Let the fireworks begin.

Many Blessings, Todd

P.S. If you aren’t living the life you want, reach out to me. Perhaps I can help.



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