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Do You Ever Talk Negatively to Yourself?

I sure hope you don’t…but I have a feeling that maybe you do. After all, people have been telling you your entire life that you can’t do this or that, or that you aren’t good enough for something….

Did you know that by the time you reach the age of 17 you have heard some form of negative about you or something you are doing or want to do 150,000 times?¬† Don’t you think it might become natural to begin saying these kinds of things to yourself?

I used to Have Terrible Self-Talk

I had an entire laundry list of all the things I couldn’t do, or be, or have. I had all kinds of self proclaimed short-comings. You realize don’t you, that thoughts that you continue to think are what forms the basis for your beliefs?

For the first half of my life I accomplished virtually nothing. And the primary reason was that I continuously told myself I couldn’t. So guess what?

I didn’t. Even when I was beginning to succeed at something I would tear myself down and ultimately quit. It was horrible. I constantly called myself dumb and consistently said I’ll never be able to…

Whatever you say to yourself you hear. It goes into your subconscious mind and that power part of your being will guide you to operate based on what it consistently is being fed.

Tell Yourself You Can, You Are, You Will, It’s Possible!

In this video I give you nine words that Og Mandino called “Words of Fools.” On one hand you won’t like hearing them because you are definitely going to identify with this. On the other hand, you will have a better understanding of how you have been hurting yourself…for no real good reason!

I know when I eliminated negative self-talk and began being purposeful about telling myself the opposite it quickly began to make a difference in how I thought. And it’s going to help you a lot too! So watch the video where I give you the nine words…you are worth it…so take the few minutes and get the deeper understanding. It will help you a lot!

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