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Do You Want to Build Awesome Relationships?

There is nothing more important (aside from your health) than your relationships. This applies to all corners of life and is central to success in any business. I’m a dog lover. Ever since I had my first Collie (Ladd) when I was eleven years old, I have had dogs in my life with the exception of a few years after college.

Dogs are the best model of unconditional love I know of, aside from the true love of a parent. My dogs think I am the greatest thing in the world. They don’t care about all my imperfections, mistakes, bad decisions, or quirks. They just absolutely love me as I am.

What Would the World be Like if We Treated Each Other This Way?

It would be hard to fathom wouldn’t it? Well you can’t control what other people do, but you can control what you do. If you want to have a fulfilling and joyful life, and success in business, you will have to develop great relationships. Here is my view on what we all need to do to be the person our dog thinks we are, and correspondingly create powerful, lasting, and true relationships.

  1. Time and Attention- This is the biggest thing you can invest in a relationship. In a personal relationship no amount of things you buy will make up for a lack of time and attention. In business, Mark Twain said “when you need a friend it’s too late to make one.” You can’t simply ignore people and then go to them when you need something. You have to invest in the relationship.
  2. Forgive- Sometimes people will hurt you. Often it’s not on purpose. If it is on purpose, that’s a whole different situation. But for our purposes here, most people don’t try to hurt you. Be forgiving. Everyone messes up. None of us is perfect. For more on the power of forgiveness, you can check out this article.
  3. Love Them First-No need to elaborate. Love people without consideration of what they can do for you.

In the video, I share three more suggestions that will be helpful. If you want to build a long term successful business, you can’t miss this concept. It will make a huge difference for you over time.

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