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Yes…Having someone you love oppose you can turn your world sideways!

I have seen it more times than I can count in my 30 years in the entrepreneurial home business industry. One person can clearly see what’s possible and is excited to pursue their dreams and finally break away from the chains of a job, and the spouse is completely against the business and is strongly and expressively negative about it. I see this also with boyfriends and girlfriends. So what do you do?

First let’s tackle the easier one. Boyfriends or girlfriends (we’ll call them significant others). Is it their place to tell you how you should earn a living? NO. Your decisions are about your life, and what makes you happy, and fulfills you, and how you are going to be investing your life.  It is no one else’s decision how you should live your life. You are the one who is responsible for creating your income and for the contribution you are going to make on this planet.

It is No One Else’s Decision How You Should Live Your Life

If you are in the right kind of opportunity, there is little to no risk financially in pursuing your dream of building a networking income that allows you complete freedom, and it is an absolute certainty that you will succeed if you work consistently and follow The Process. Perhaps your significant other simply doesn’t understand this and is concerned for you. If this is the case, sit down with him or her and help them understand that this is important to you and you want to help them understand what this is truly about and how it works (you might also give them a copy of The Process to read). Let them know that it doesn’t matter to you if they participate, you are only asking that they do not hinder you from accomplishing your goals and dreams.

Help Them Understand That This is Important To You

Someone who truly loves and cares about you is going to value your dreams and goals and want to know why you are excited and how they can be of support. If they don’t want to learn, and continue to be negative, this is likely a sign of some deeper issues. Jealousy, fear, who knows? I do know this: If you give up your business or don’t pursue it all out because of a negative significant other, this is setting the stage for resentment and regret in the future. Neither of these are compatible with healthy relationships.

Resentment and Regret are Not Compatible with Healthy Relationships

The spouse issue is a little harder because two lives are joined legally and hopefully spiritually. The issue gets resolved the same way though. Sitting down and having a loving, caring conversation about why your spouse is opposed. Then sharing your heart and providing the opportunity for them to be educated. Sometimes, the best you can do is to come to an agreement not to discuss it and to keep some healthy boundaries such that you do your work on your own time.

All Spouses Become Supporters When the Checks Come In

Take heart in this: Every spouse I have ever seen who was opposed became a supporter as the checks start to come in! There are many a man and woman on stage having had great success, with a spouse smiling happily by their side, who was originally opposed.

Keep this in mind: The person with the most conviction in life usually wins. Show your spouse you truly believe in what you are doing, work diligently at it, and they will come around. But do not try to force them to be involved. Let them come to that on their own.

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