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Wanna Be an Entrepreneur but Not Sure Where to Start?

It is no surprise that people like Jim Rohn, Darren Hardy, and many more famous inspirational and successful business figures did network marketing in their younger years.

There is just so much learning and personal development that comes from working in the industry. Frankly, it doesn’t get talked about enough. I don’t care what you do for a career, spending time working at network marketing will make you better at it.

I have seen this more times than I can count.

It Makes Perfect Sense When You Think About It

Most people go into their careers woefully unprepared to be effective. Sure, they may know a lot about the actuall subject matter of their work, but most of what happens in the world of work is about people and productivity/life skills. Guess where these get taught to the average college graduate?

Nowhere. They are not taught as a normal course in most curriculums.

I have an Economics degree from The University of Maryland, and a Master in Business Administration from Mt. St. Mary’s. In all of that education I had no required education on how to be effective with people, how to be efficient in time, or how to navigate the myriad of issues that face someone running an organization of people.

Most of My People, Productivity, and Leadership Skills Came Through the Platform of Network Marketing

Network Marketing is almost like a college for entrepreneurs and success minded people if you really think about it. It teaches you mental toughness and how to build something starting from nothing.

It gives you access to skills and personal development unlike anywhere else. It helps you face your challenges and deal with obstacles.

And it does all this with very little risk. Now I personally loved college. It was fun. But it cost a lot of money to be unprepared to chase a dream. And while I think college is a safe haven to make mistakes and learn how to be on your own,  I think anyone, college educated or not, would better serve themselves in uncovering their potential in life by being involved in network marketing.

In this video I give you 7 Things that Make Network Marketing Like a College for Entrepreneurship. I hope you enjoy it!

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