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This is just a fact of life. It doesn’t matter how good something is, there are going to be people who talk bad about it. You have undoubtedly (unless you haven’t started yet) talked to people who have a negative perception of the network marketing industry. Some, for good reason.

This is an industry that is open for anyone. So obviously there are going to be some people with ill intent in the industry. It’s also relatively easy to start a company, so there will be companies with less than honorable intentions. But this is true in every industry. There are bad companies and people in everything.

It’s likely that the person with a negative impression has had a bad experience, or knows someone who has. It is also very likely, that they are lacking information. They simply don’t really know and understand the business model and all the value it brings.

The Media Doesn’t Like Network Marketing

This is easy to understand. Network marketing companies do not use a lot of traditional media. In other words, they don’t spend a lot of money in advertising. Distributors might, but companies generally don’t. Huge companies may do some awareness advertising, to strengthen their image, and they may do some sponsoring for this same purpose. Amway is on the name of an arena in Orlando Florida, Herbalife sponsors a major soccer team, for example.

But in general, the media caters to who lines their pockets, and a word of mouth industry like network marketing simply doesn’t do this. So the media loves to blast the industry.

Be The Right Example

It is my platform that the true, human benefits of this industry on someone’s life, aside from the best products and a great way to create an income, are so important and so good, that we all have a responsibility to work this the proper way such that the reputation elevates to the level of what it really does for people.

There is in the neighborhood of 100 million people in this industry, it is obviously having a huge positive impact in the world. But there are people who continue to operate in a way that gives us all a bad name. Hype, pressure, false promises, get rich quick proclamations hurt everyone and make people who don’t know the truth, question the validity of this awesome growth and income vehicle.

In this video I go into a lot of detail as to how to work through this when you experience it and be a force for good, which is what this business is all about.

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