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I Was Asked in a Workshop Recently “How Do I Get My Friends and Family to….?”

Of course, this is a natural issue for anyone in ANY business, but it is way more sensitive of a topic in network marketing than most anything else in my experience.

First let’s get rid of something in the question…”How do I Get”…we don’t want to have a mindset of getting. I understand the verbiage, but I want to be clear…this work is about helping people. It’s about giving. YES, I know you are working to create an income stream for your life, but that comes from serving others and is purely a function of working the process the right way. Trust the Process and…

You Will Make Your Fortune in Direct Proportion to the Amount of People You Bring Value to

So…back to your friends and family. This is really only going to apply to a fraction of the people you know…that’s the truth…there aren’t that many that fit this category. You believe in what you have and you care about these people, and you care what these people think. This is a recipe for being too emotionally invested in the outcome. This is where the problem comes in.

This group of people is part of the human race too! The same principles will apply. For every ten who have a need and want to solve it, two are ready to act on it. Remember this and you will have no issues with friends and family. You will contact them, and end up serving the ones that are ready to act. It’s as simple as that! Let me share something that will reinforce what I am saying…

If You Were a Walking Billboard for All the Wonderful Things Your Business and Products Do Would Your Friends and Family All Sign up?

Okay, now let me make it very real for you. I built my business in the health and wellness industry. I am extremely particular about what I use products-wise because of my experiences in life, with products, with top scientific minds, and my results. I have lived, for the past 21 years especially, a lifestyle that is way different and much more desirable than most everyone I know. My results from the business are OBVIOUS.

From a product perspective, at 56 years old I look, act, feel, live, and love like a much younger man…and it’s also OBVIOUS. I use no medications, and can run circles around most people half my age…in the gym and in real life. And by the way…I have a horrid family health history and had many issues myself as a young man…so this isn’t genetics.

I don’t tell you this to impress you. I tell you to impress upon you, that it doesn’t matter!!! Many of my closest friends and virtually all of my family are not in the industry and don’t use the products I built my business with.

Add to this that I am highly skilled in the process. Now the business part…I get that. If you don’t want to build something….But the product part? How could I understand that? If I want a result in life, I look for examples of that result and learn from them. That’s just smart to me…

So…there you have it. Your friends and family are just part of your list. No different than anyone else. Treat them with kindness, honesty, and respect, and don’t pressure them. Some will, some won’t. Some will join you later. I have awesome relationships with all the people who didn’t join me…as it should be…treat them and your business with respect and they will respect it as well.

In the video, I give you a deeper dive on what to do with this group. I know it will help you a lot. And it will be of huge value to your team.

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