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Do you want to be successful? Do you want to make a difference? Do you want to have an impact on the lives of others?


I believe you do or you wouldn’t spend your time reading articles like this. I can virtually guarantee that it’s possible for you, YES YOU, to be a major inspiration to lots of people. You know how I can say this?

Because I am willing to bet that you have had, or currently have, some challenges that are difficult. Huh?

Before I go further, consider this, think of the guy or gal you admire, and look up to, and are inspired by, who never had any problems and success was easy for. Go ahead….I’ll wait…………..

That’s right. You can’t think of anyone like that can you? Oh, you might know someone who had success handed to them or they inherited it…but I am quite sure you aren’t inspired by that.

We Are Truly Inspired by Those Who Overcame Struggles to Succeed.

Now back to the original thought here. Your struggles are what forge you and shape you. They are purposed to prepare you to succeed. They are springboards which give you the platform to give hope and inspiration to others. Yes, I know that it’s no fun to be broke, it’s no fun to be depressed, it’s no fun to endure heartbreak, to be rejected, and to be taken advantage of.  But these things make you stronger. They make you better.

It is Your Willingness to Move Forward Anyway, to Fight Through, and Blaze Your Trail, that Take You to New Heights.

Now think of the people who inspire you and you will know the truth that the main reason they inspire you, along with your perception of the quality of their character, is because they overcame something to succeed. THAT IS YOU. You just are not as far along the path as they are. But if you keep walking your path, regardless of how hungry or thirsty or tired you are, you will one day be in a position to tell your story of rise from struggles. And you never know who will be the next force for good on this planet just because you were willing to work through your struggles. That’s pretty cool isn’t it? And it’s true too.

By the way, a really cool side effect of this is the example you set along the way for the people closest to you. You change their life just by your willingness to keep going! I give you a little more on this in this video, I hope you enjoy it!

Was this helpful for you? Please let me know in the comments below. Think this would be helpful for others? Feel free to share. Let’s help as many people as we can to thrive in this awesome industry.

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