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Do you ever struggle with doing what you know you should and could do to succeed at a higher level?

Having trained, coached, and mentored thousands of people over the past 30 years in the corporate and home business space, I know that there is a single biggest challenge that the vast majority of people have in common.

If I were to ask you right now to list the challenges and obstacles you are facing in building your business or rising higher in your career, you could probably produce a pretty thorough list. You would likely include things like money, time, support, skills, experience, and personality short-comings. If you are really honest you would include things like fear of failure, criticism, and loss of other’s approval.

And none of these, even though they all are true issues on the surface, would be the root challenge. The root challenge, the big kahuna which sits at the foundation of all of these was best summed up by Jim Rohn when he said this…..

“We Already Have so Much That We Tend to Settle For so Little.”

Consider this for a moment….if you live in a developed nation, how good do you have it? Are your basic needs met? Do you have a place to live and food and water? That is so normal it probably doesn’t resonate with you, but….what if you didn’t? What if you had to go to work on your network marketing business today for example, or you wouldn’t have anything to eat? Do you think you would not make the calls or meet with people? The same would be true of any kind of work wouldn’t it? You would work so you could eat.

Most people who start a home business or who want to succeed in network marketing already have an income and begin on the side, so food and shelter is not an issue. So what about other things? In today’s world, even if you don’t have much money, can you have fun? Can you be entertained? The answer is yes again…most people have a television, a computer, and a phone. These can simply be for fun and comfort, or they can be tools.

The point is….

Even if You Find Your Circumstances to Be Less Than You Would Like, They are Still Comfortable!

This is your absolutely biggest challenge. The comfort zone of learning and doing something new is something I talk about often, because everyone has to step outside of their comfort zone to succeed. To accomplish something that you haven’t accomplished before, you have to do things you haven’t done before. And this means having the discomfort of learning and the pain of growing.

The comfort zone I am referring to here is deeper. It’s the comfort of circumstances. Can you still live a nice life in relative terms if you don’t work hard at your dream? Yes, it’s clear that in today’s world you can….

And this is why this is the biggest challenge. None of your normal obstacles could hold you back if you absolutely had to do it or else. You would find a way. You would not stop until you had success.

So How Do You Get This Into Your Day to Day Mindset Now?

You have to focus outside of yourself and your needs and desires. You have to have a vision of something much bigger than you getting more money or some new toy. You have to focus on how you can impact and serve others. The cool thing is that this is much more rewarding anyway. No money or thing you ever receive is remotely as fulfilling as making a difference in others that you can feel and see.

It is the way.

Take some time and ponder this and you will see that it’s true. Then go a step further and start thinking about a bigger vision. Oh, and by the way, when the voice in your head says to you “who are you to make a difference?” Just answer by saying, I am me. And I am enough. Take a few minutes to watch the video. I share a lot more perspective in it than I did here and believe it will help you big time!

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Many Blessings,


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