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What’s the Smartest Financial Move You Can Make?

It’s not a financial investment opportunity or a business choice. It’s not a money strategy. It’s….

Taking care of the goose. I realize that it’s important to collect some golden eggs too…

But you have to take care of the goose. And YOU are the goose!

The majority of my articles are focused on some aspect of improving you for business/career and self. So this may seem like a tangent, but it is absolutely not…because YOU are the most important thing in your career and/or business. Taking care of you is more important than any single thing you can do in your normal work day.

Think About it This Way…

Do you want to be more productive daily? Do you want to be more productive longer in your life? Do you want to have less days when you are physically down and not able to perform? Do you want to be able to think more clearly and focus more intensely? Do you want to have more creative energy? Do you want to have a better attitude? The list could go on, but the bottom line is this…

When you take care of the goose….you get MORE golden eggs over time. You will, provided you are working smart and hard in your pursuit, out-perform most everyone else who gets this wrong and simply goes after the golden eggs at the EXPENSE of the health of the goose.

I live this. I know this is truth. And it’s not just me, many people I have mentored over the years have had the same elevated quality of life and higher than normal results in their chosen endeavors.

By the way, what inspired me to write this, is that this week it will mark 20 years since I sat in a hotel room in Dallas, Texas and helped to creatively design the most complete and high value, yet affordable, nutritional supplement in the world. And it still is today to my knowledge….and it is something I have used everyday since then! By the way, I recently did a video about this product that you can watch by clicking Here (It’s Called How to Manage Your health Risk)

I Want You To Live a Rich Life…

Don’t confuse what I said…I didn’t say I want you to be rich financially, although I have no issue with that, and am happy to help you in that direction. But I want your LIFE to be rich. That is way more than financial abundance. It’s abundance of love, fulfillment, growth, passion, experiences, a lot more, and health of course!

So the best thing you can do for your future financial success is to do the right things for you (self care) consistently:

Eat Quality Food

Exercise Regularly

Get Enough Rest

Complement Your Diet with High Quality Nutritional Supplements

Feed Your Mind Positive/Inspiring Things

Work on Developing Your Personal and Professional Skills

I do not start a day of working on golden eggs, until I have done all of these for the Goose. If you struggle to do the right things, then you might consider a coach or mentor who knows how to help you get it done (I can help you here if you don’t know anyone). It could also be a prioritization and time utilization issue, which I have provided tons of free content in this site on, just search it or reach out to me.

I am a big believer not just in risk management from a health perspective, but having optimal health. Maxing the Goose if you will. In the video below I talk about  a very specific nutrient that can help you take your Goose care to the next level that has been part of my daily routine for over 23 years.

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Many Blessings,

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