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Do You Ever Feel Like You are Really Stretched With Your Time When it Comes to Supporting Your Team AND Growing Your Business?

Today I have good news and bad news for you. The bad news is that it’s going to get worse. The good news is that after it gets worse, it’s going to get better!

Learning how to best use your time is one of the biggest challenges you will have in growing and leading your business. There are simply so many things to do! In my book Leading with Heart I give several lessons that relate to various parts of this issue. From my experience, aside from adjusting to the process of the work and learning the skills to take your business to a higher level, the time issue is the next biggest thing to tackle. There are just so many things you can be doing in your business, in addition to all the things in the rest of your life. As your team grows you will have more and more people to interface with. 99% of the people who are building the business have a job or some other full time responsibility. So there is no extra time to spare for when the demands from a growing team arise. Therefore, you have to become smarter about how you use the time you have.

One of the First Things You Have to Do as Your Team Begins to Grow is Know How to Set Boundaries

Let me give you an idea of what I mean. Let’s pretend you work in an office and you decide one morning that you will make the coffee for everyone. So you come into the office and make the coffee and people are asking who made the coffee and when they find out it was you, they are very appreciative and thankful. That makes you feel good. Since it was an easy thing to do, you decide the next day to make the coffee again. Once again people express their appreciation. You start to make the coffee everyday because you like doing this little thing for everyone. Over time people are less and less expressive of this, and ultimately come to expect it to the point that one day you are really busy so you don’t make the coffee. Suddenly people are saying “Hey where’s the coffee?” and “How come you didn’t make the coffee?”

Your New Recruit is Not Used to Someone Being Willing to Help Them Succeed

Now take this little analogy and apply it to someone you sponsor. Your new recruit works in a world where it is not so easy to get the kind of support and help that you are going to provide. At first they are even hesitant to call on you because it’s a foreign concept to them that someone could care about them and their success so much as to want to help them. They feel like they are bothering you. Once they get past this and realize it is true that you are committed to helping them, they become extremely appreciative and grateful for the support. This is one of the 5 key points in developing your opportunity to lead someone, being responsive and available. Over time as they begin to sponsor and develop some business under your guidance, their attitude about your support begins to change from one of appreciation to expectation. This isn’t a bad thing. Until it changes to unreasonable expectation.

They Will Begin to Expect That You are Available to Them 24/7…

Unless you know how to properly set some boundaries around your time and teach this and other leveraged support concepts to your team. So how do you do that? After all you want to support your team. You want to be available. In many cases you are so happy to have a few people that really get what’s possible and are working hard, you are excited to be there for them and also a little fearful that if you aren’t they might quit! Well, think about it this way, if they need you to spend zero time with your family or in the rest of your life for them to stay in the business….you can answer the rest of that one!

In this video I am going to give four ways to help this situation for yourself, including how to set some boundaries. This is absolutely vital for you to learn. So dive into the video and maybe take a few notes!

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