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You Want to Accomplish Your Goals Right?

That might be the biggest Duh question I’ve ever asked!! What’s interesting about this question though is that lots of people think there is some magic to accomplishing goals. They tend to look at the practical obstacles in their road and think those are the things keeping them from reaching the goals.

The truth is that most of accomplishing goals has little to do with the external things to overcome and mostly to do with our internal stuff.

I did not invent the four things I am about to share with you. I give you my take on them, but I found these in Darren Hardy’s Book The Compound Effect.

These Four Things Practically Guarantee You Will Achieve Your Goals if You Don’t Quit!

Vividly Imagine– You have to have your entire being swallow what it would be like to achieve your goal. Take some time to reflect on how it would be. Associate all of your senses to it. What would it feel like, taste like, smell like, look like? Think about it this way…there is a way to experience all of this before you reach it. Start doing that!

Ardently Desire– Why do you want it? How bad do you want it? Most things of substance that have been accomplished are because someone wanted it so bad that not achieving it wasn’t even a possibility. Get yourself into this place.

Sincerely Believe– This one will take some work. Your current belief system probably causes you to struggle here. You have some self-imposed limiters that aren’t real and they won’t just go away because you decide they should. But they will go away as you work forward and personally develop yourself.

Enthusiastically Act– Taking the action is where it will all come together. It will grow your belief as you go because you will get better and better and more capable day by day. When you act with enthusiasm you also begin to attract the people who will want to help you and take part in what you are doing because enthusiasm is mega attractive.

I am a living breathing example of these four things. All the obstacles…and there were many for me….fell away over time and yours will too. I give you a bit more in the video including some of the right self-talk tips.

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