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Imagine How You Would Feel Right Now, If You Had Lost Everything, and Then Got It All Back.

My sister has a framed picture in a bathroom of her home that says something to this effect. I don’t know if I have the words exactly, but I definitely have the correct idea of what it says.

It’s so easy in our world to be focused on what we don’t have isn’t it?

This applies to every aspect of our life, from our work, to our possessions, and then of course to us as human beings. We are so bombarded with advertising and messages that tell us that what we have can’t possibly be good enough. There’s always something better that we should have and that someone else does have. Please don’t misconstrue my intention here. I believe it is important to strive to accomplish things, to use our gifts and abilities to make the planet a little better than how we found it, to develop our unique and wonderfully made selves to be the best that we can possibly be, and there is nothing wrong with desiring and having material things.

My message here is more about appreciating who you are and what you have while you pursue the things in life that are in your heart to do and have and be. This is the important thing. When we approach the day from a grateful spirit, we are so much more joyful in our pursuits. We are much more attractive as a person. And we are much more effective and focused in our endeavors.

The Key is to Stay Centered in What YOU Truly Value.

To live YOUR life. Think about this, I believe most people look in the mirror and see the wrong thing. They see what they aren’t. They see their imperfections. They think to themselves “if I was just like this person or that person and had their personality I would be able too…” This is wrong thinking. I’ve done it too by the way, in fact I spent the first half of my life making excuses for my lack of progress based on what I wasn’t.

We need to embrace that God made each of us uniquely. We aren’t supposed to be like anyone else. We have our own set of gifts and talents and abilities and personality traits that someone else is thinking of us in the same way we may have been thinking about them! We must treasure our own blessings and work to apply them in the highest way possible. We can not do this if we are focused on the part of the glass that is empty. All of our glasses are plenty full to live the life that is in our heart to live.

Follow Your Heart…

I have mentioned heart more than once here for a reason. This is where you are. Your head is filtering all kinds of things and analyzing and trying to make decisions and speaking to you in a variety of voices, not all of which are actually yours, rather the voices of society. The heart? The heart is always true. It knows. Stick to your heart. Use your head to make decisions that come from the heart. Then you will be congruent and never have to second guess. Does that mean you won’t be wrong at times or make mistakes? Of course not, but they will be learning experiences that will help propel you further in your journey. The only time I ever struggle emotionally with life is when I get away from my heart.

So stop for a moment right now, and count YOUR blessings. Consider all aspects of your life. Your loving relationships, your abilities, the positive aspects of your health, the excellent traits in your personality, and then of course you can also consider your material life, which in our world today is far better for the most part than any generation ever to walk the earth. Think about how good you have it. And that you are free. Yes, free to decide what your life can be. Who you can be. How you can make a difference in the lives of others.

You want to get rid of most stress in your life? This is an avenue to do it.

Remember each day, before you approach the day, how blessed you are to be you, and then go forward and invest your heart in what matters.

This Video is from a few years ago and is a short little lesson about going after your dreams in the face of your fears…

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