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Do You Ever Have Times When You Just Don’t Feel Motivated?

It might be a period of time where you just feel emotional fatigue, or what some call burn-out.

It might be a time when you are in a wilderness period and you feel like you have lost your way a little.

It could be a time where nothing seems to be going right and you are making no progress.

It could be a result of just how good your life is anyway, even if you don’t go after the thing you want. (I address this in a big way in the video below)

It doesn’t really matter what the reason, and there are certainly many more than what I just mentioned…the bottom line is that you would be in very rare air if you never experienced this. Most of us human beings have to do battle with this issue on a frequent basis.

So What in the World Do You Do About it?

Before I give you a set of strategies to employ, I have to address one little thing, that is particularly HUGE for living the best life you can possibly live. Make settling for less than you can have, do, or be, NOT an option. I’m not saying you should do everything there is to do in relation to what you’d like to have, do, or be…you have to make choices relative to sacrifice and the actual time you have on this planet, and what is important to you and that you value.

What I am saying, is don’t EVER settle for living in a way you don’t want to live. You are certainly likely to have times in life when you are in a situation you don’t prefer. I’m saying don’t settle on that. KEEP going to get into the life space you want.

And this is why it is so important to keep your motivation up. I live an incredible life based on what I value and what is important to me and the people I love. It has been a struggle as much or more than it’s not been a struggle, and I suspect it will continue this way. So to be clear, A life free from struggle or worry or difficulty, does not jive with living your best life possible…these are partners in the process.

Here’s a Few Strategies To Help You Keep Going

Continuously remind yourself why you wanted the thing you are working towards in the first place.

Recognize what it will do to your self-worth if you don’t get up and take a step when you don’t feel like it.

Consider the impact you will have on others by continuing on in the face of whatever is smacking your motivation. Think about how what you are doing directly will impact others, if it is a business project you are working on. Think about the example it will show to those you are influencing closely, regardless of what it is you are doing.

Put some type of visual reflection of the accomplishment of the thing in front of you where you work, and in other places.

These four will get you started and serve you greatly should you implement them. In the video I share a few more strategies and open up a few of the other things that affect your motivation. I encourage you to take the time to watch it.

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Many Blessings,

P.S. Have you ever considered having a coach? If you are considering one to help you make progress towards your goals, help you see the forest for the trees, and guide you on the path to success, reach out to me and let’s talk.

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