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What is the Single Most Important Factor in Your Long Term Performance In Your Work?

It’s your health.

The healthier you are the more energized and focused you are for longer in the day. The longer you remain healthy in your life, the longer you can perform at a high level.

Both of these are just common sense but not always commonly acted on….that is until the health becomes an issue.

The old saying is that “it’s better to build a fence at the top of the cliff than a hospital at the bottom.” Taking care of your health proactively isn’t just building a fence to protect you from going over the health cliff, it’s allowing you to build a better life behind that fence.

Anyone who has ben in a leadership workshop with me has heard me talk about health’s role in success. It is part of a life-changing platform I teach and will soon be releasing in a new book (it’s currently in edit number three and hopefully will be out by the end of the year).

From a health perspective, the least expensive thing you can do is be proactive, and it’s also the most profitable when you consider the productivity gains. I don’t just talk about this, I live this, and can tell you without hesitation that I am able to engage in life at a much higher level at 58 years old than many people half my age. Not because of genetics…mine are not very good…but as a result of being committed to it.

The Easiest and Most Important Part to Make Sure You Address

If you want to maximize your business performance then you have to maximize your health. Very few exceptions. To do this, you have to do four things with consistency: Get rest, hydrate, exercise, and get proper nutrition.

The most important one is nutrition (yes we can’t live without water, but you will make sure you get water). The food part is not terribly hard conceptually if you stay away from quick fix diet traps and processed food and just be sensible. Fresh fruits and veggies, lean proteins, healthy fats, and you are going to be doing well.

The problem is that it’s not enough. You have to supplement to basically nourish and cleanse the body properly. Unless you are eating an absolute pile of fresh fruits and vegetables per day, you aren’t getting close to what you need, and even if you do, you still aren’t getting adequately nourished, and unfortunately you are getting lots of toxins from them, organic or not. This is well-documented by research, and evident in the state of health in the developed nations.

I supplement massively and have for 25 years. I use a product that provides fruits and veggies concentrated, vits/mins, fiber, probiotics, and antioxidants. I use another product that provides Omega-3s and Vitamin D. This takes care of the foundation.

Then I add to that a super antioxidant called OPC (and the most pure and potent form in the market). The reason I began using this nutrient was because I understood the importance of the potent antioxidant protection it afforded. OPC is 20 times more powerful in scavenging free radicals in the body than Vitamin C and 50 times more potent than Vitamin E.

Why add this extra?

Because oxygen free radical damage is a major cause of many long term health issues. The simplest way to understand this is to use the example of an apple. When you cut an apple in half and set it on the counter, after an hour or two, the exposed white flesh of the apple turns brown. This is the result of oxidation. If you take one half of this apple and cover it in lemon juice, it stays white while the other half turns brown. This is from the antioxidants in the lemon juice which neutralize the oxidation.

This simplistic example is representative of what happens in the body. Our tissues are subject to oxidation from a variety of sources. Some of the natural sources of free radicals are metabolism and sun exposure. Since our bodies were perfectly designed we were created to neutralize the majority of this natural oxidation through the foods we eat. However, the world is a lot harsher than we were created to handle and we don’t get enough antioxidants from the foods we eat to deal with the excessive free radical bombardment.

Environmental toxins, pollution, chemicals, ozone depletion, and poor food, have made this a one-sided battle that most of us are losing. The degree that we can flood our body with antioxidants we can greatly change the speed at which we oxidize (age). This is why people who have been using potent antioxidants for years look much younger than those that haven’t been. And they aren’t just younger on the outside…they are younger in the organs, joints, brain, etc. too!

Having seen plenty of Cancer and heart disease up close in my life, it was a no-brainer for me to use antioxidants. Basics are risk management 101 and higher levels of antioxidants are taking it to another level. As an aside, my allergies (allergic to all grass and dust and still tested so) do not affect me at all when I am using the OPC I use.

If you have questions about this feel free to reach out to me and I will share my experience with you. If you have a trusted source for quality nutrients, make sure you take action on this now. It is simply too important to ignore, and think about this….you are working hard to grow whatever business you are in…that’s like the golden eggs…but you have to take care of the GOOSE!

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Many Blessings,

P.S. Have you ever considered having a coach? If you are considering one to help you make progress towards your goals, help you see the forest for the trees, and guide you on the path to success, reach out to me and let’s talk. If you need a health coach, I have an excellent resource I can share with you.

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