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Would You Like to Guarantee Your Success? Is Your Head Nodding Yes?

Then download the mindset of a farmer.

Farmers are awesome examples of how to succeed. Think about it….they work a specific process that produces a harvest. The field doesn’t judge who the farmer is as long as the farmer is willing to do the work. The environment, tools, and knowledge are continuously changing and the farmer adjusts. The farmer can start right where he/she is and grow and expand from there if they choose.

This is Any Home-Based Business and Self-Initiated Sales to a Tee

You are the farmer. You have a process to work. The process doesn’t care about your education, circumstances, experience, how much money you have, or any of the mistakes you made in the past. Everything around you is continuously changing, and you can start with nothing and grow your way into whatever you choose. All you have to do is work the process and have the mindset of the farmer!

So today, we are going to hack into the farmer brain and grab a few nuggets to help you build your business.

Mindset Hack #1

The farmer never questions the process. You don’t see the farmer standing around scratching their head wondering if planting a seed really does work! They know the process works, always has worked, and always will work. They just have to work the process. Just like you. If you approach, provide info, and follow up, you will get customers and partners. This has always worked and always will. It’s just a process. There are certainly many different tools and methods you can use to work this process, but it’s still just a process.

Mindset Hack #2

The Farmer Never Procrastinates. Can you imagine what would happen to the farmer if he said, I will do it tomorrow…..Yup…he wouldn’t be a farmer for very long. The farmer does what he must do today. Everyday.

Mindset Hack #3

The Farmer Works Regardless of How She Feels. I can only imagine getting up everyday at the crack of dawn and working super hard all day, everyday, might lead to some days when the farmer wakes up and thinks “I really do NOT feel like working today!” But what does she do? Works anyway. It’s not an option to not do the work. Who else will do it? This is exactly the mindset of successful side-gig entrepreneurs. Do the work whether you feel like it or not, even after a long day at a job.

Mindset Hack #4

The Farmer Knows the Nature of Seasons. Some years the season is difficult. The equipment breaks, the weather is not good, something happens to the crop, and any number of other things. The farmer doesn’t quit. The farmer knows that some seasons it’s tough and some seasons it’s smooth. It’s just part of the journey. And this is exactly how sales, and any other type of work for that matter, is too. The people that can’t stick through a tough season don’t make it. Not because they can’t…because they won’t.

Mindset Hack #5 

The Farmer Knows the Nature of the Harvest. Just because the farmer does everything right, and the season is smooth, doesn’t guarantee that the harvest will be bountiful. Sometimes it’s just not a great harvest. Of course there are other harvests where the farmer gets way more than anticipated. Same is true in home business. Sometimes, you do it all right and it doesn’t turn out so good. And then there are the other times when things just take off. You have to take the harvest and move on.

The video below will serve you in any self-directed field, but is targeted to those in the home business and network marketing industry.


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