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You Want to Make an Impact in People’s Lives Right?

After all, that’s what a business of any type is all about….adding value and making an impact in someone’s life. Unfortunately, lots of people think that impact comes from how good they are at explaining their product/service/opportunity. Or they think it’s about how good what they have to offer is.

Well…eventually it might be. But it is not remotely what’s important up front. You see, in order for you to impact someone’s life, they have to be the ones who believe that what you have to offer can help them because they will be the ones actually doing what needs to be done for impact to occur. You are simply the agent…the catalyst of the change, and of course the shepherd in the process. But never forget that they are the one’s doing it.

It’s Completely About Them, Not You

It doesn’t matter what you are promoting, the focus has to be completely on the other person. In order for you to be in a true position to make an impact the first thing that needs to happen is that they feel understood. This means that you have to seek to understand, and they have to believe that you understand. Without this taking place you appear to be just another sales person trying to get them to buy something from you. Instead of being seen as someone who can help them solve their problem. In order to do this you simply follow this three step process.

  1. Ask open ended questions
  2. Listen skillfully
  3. Share a story that connects and brings hope

If you are already a master of these three steps and the people you talk to feel completely understood and every conversation in the process is fun and comfortable, you don’t need to watch the video. Just remember the steps and keep doing what you are doing.

If you are not a communication master, I share much more on the specifics of the three steps in the video. It would have been way too long to write. This video could make a major difference in your effectiveness with people. If you have a team this will help them tremendously as well.

While this is targeted for the home business industry, it will serve you in ANY business and most personal relationships.

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