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Did I Just Give You Some Sort of Success Guarantee?

Sort of and not really. There is nothing guaranteed in life except death. However…there is a guaranteed way to live a better life.

In fact there are multiple things that if you simply do consistently will guarantee a better more successful life. But I can’t give you a success guarantee because there is no way for me to know what success means to you.

I said you “Cannot Fail.”

This is an entirely different thing altogether.

So…What Kind of Thing, if You Do It, Is Guaranteed Not to Fail?

A heart pursuit.

If you go after what is tugging on your heart to do, you win. You win by being true to yourself. You win by the personal growth. You win by the lifting of your attitude. You win by the feeling of fulfillment. You win because you are doing something you are on this planet to do.

Your heart is always congruent with your genetic make-up. Your affinities, interests, natural gifting, and strengths will always line up with what your heart is calling you to do. THAT is a guarantee.

This is why Confucius said “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Because while you may toil long hours, and there may be challenges and disappointments, and you may have aspects of the work that you don’t love, you will still feel energized and fulfilled while doing it.

But I Don’t Have Time or Money….

As long as you tell yourself that, it will be true for you…but it’s not really true. And you know it. It’s an excuse.

Oh My, did I just call you out?

Yes. I did. My goal is to serve you in creating the best life and being your highest self. It’s to equip you, empower you, and elevate you. That can’t happen if I don’t call you out. If I’m wrong, and you are already on it, so much the better!

In today’s world, you don’t need money to begin a heart pursuit. You can start with nothing.

You don’t need much time either. You have 24/7 access to everything you need information wise, and to people.

And you can learn everything you need by doing and by accessing coaches and mentors.

The Only Way to Fail Is To NOT Do It

I can promise you that if you just take 30 minutes a day…could be as little as 15…but 30 is better, and invest it in the thing you want to do, and you will commit to those 30 minutes, that you will look up in a month and be a happier person.

More importantly, you will start to see the world differently, and you will start to put more time into it.

If you have a job that you don’t love, and I mean love, then look at the job as simply a way to support your life WHILE you pursue the thing you want to do.

I go into a whole bunch of stuff in the video, but the bottom line is that life is short and you are here to make a contribution and to do that by developing the unique and wonderful resource that’s called YOU. Don’t try to hide from it.


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