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How Would You Like to Have Inspired People in Your Organization?

That would be pretty cool wouldn’t it? To wake up everyday knowing that the people you are leading are jazzed and enthusiastic about their work is a leadership dream. So how do you make this a leadership REALITY?

You build people. There are all kinds of things that fall under into the responsibility realm of a leader, but nothing will make a bigger impact than growing people.

Grow People and You Will Have a Successful Business

I don’t care what your product or service is. I don’t care if you are a strategy master, a budgeting specialist, or a marketing genius. Your business will not grow much beyond the growth of the people…especially over time. And its certainly less likely to last. The single most important asset in your business are the people. Yet too often this is the single area that is most neglected. I have seen this in every type of business from major corporations to small business to home business. Everything else is invested in…and the people are taken for granted. As Julia Roberts said in Pretty Woman….”Big mistake…Huge!”

There are many things you have to do for your people…training, mentoring, coaching, listening…but the best thing you can do is….

Catch Them Doing Something Right

Many leaders criticize their people like its a key part of their job description. Let me ask you this? How do you feel when you get criticized? I’m not talking about correction and coaching…this is different…I’m talking about criticism in general. It’s disheartening isn’t it?

We have all had way more criticism in our lives than we have needed. Yes, we all need constructive criticism when we are learning. The proverb says the wise person wants criticism, because it helps learning…IF IT COMES FROM THE RIGHT HEART.

And if it is balanced with the more important input that is the topic of this article, and that is PRAISE.

Praise is when you catch someone doing something right and you let them know about it. It is one of the most empowering things you can do for another person. And it is a fantastic leadership skill that empowers the people in your charge.

Praise is a Skill

Do you know how to properly praise? In my book Leading with Heart, I devote a chapter to specifically describing how to do this effectively. Because I know what an amazing tool it is and how important it is for building up your people and for generating an environment where people become highly productive and excited to work with you and for you. (This book is written for the home business industry, but most all of the lessons are applicable to becoming a better leader in any type of field)

In this video, I give you the recipe for being excellent at praising. Take the time to watch it, and if you are really serious about being the best leader you can possibly be, get the book. Hold yourself accountable for praising your people and watch the difference it makes.

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