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Lots of People Who Know HOW….DON’T DO

As a matter of fact, knowing how is not much of an indicator in succeeding in ANYTHING.

This is one of the reasons I find it so comical when some pundit preaches that if you don’t do XYZ HIS/HER way, you won’t succeed. What a giant crock of baloney that is.

There are so many ways to do something…anything…in today’s world, that it’s quite clear that being able to do something and knowing how to do something, has never really been the problem for anyone’s lack of progress in any direction in modern life.

Here’s an Easy Exhibit A…

Do people know HOW to get fit? Yes. It’s pretty simple. But knowing what to do and doing it are two entirely different things. As a result, lots of people say they would like to be fit, yet don’t do it.  Why not? Because ironically….

It’s about WHY. It’s having a deep enough reason to stick to the disciplines you KNOW HOW to do in order to achieve a goal.

It’s Exactly the Same in Business

Knowing how is the easy part. There are lots of people who teach HOW, including me.

But it won’t matter if you don’t have a big enough reason to do the HOW. Because it simply doesn’t matter how well you know how to do something if you don’t do it. You have to have a deep enough reason to do what you know how to do.

And why is this?

Because building a business of any sort is difficult. There will be much more perceived failure than successes. There will be countless times when you don’t feel like you have the energy to keep going. There will be lots of times where even though you feel like you know how, nothing seems to be working.

You will make mistakes in actions, you will make mistakes in judgement, there will be changes in the marketplace, there will be people who let you down, and people that lie to you.

Life will happen and get in the way. People you love will need you. You will have to make sacrifices you don’t like making.

And the list goes on.

Only a reason to keep going will keep you going. Not knowledge.

I would rather have an enthusiastic driven person with no idea how to do the thing they are madly driven to do, than someone who knows everything and can’t muster up a single step.

Most Incredibly Successful People Tried Many Different Paths to Reach Their Objective…

And this is in a SINGLE venture. People who succeed start with why they want it (channeling a little Simon Sinek there), and some sort of plan and process.

And then they just keep working at it and tweaking and adjusting and trying things until they find a way that works for them. They keep going until they figure it out.

In order to do this, you first play what I call the “Why Game” with yourself. It starts with you saying why you want to accomplish the thing. Whatever your answer to that is, you then ask “Why do I want that?” And you answer and ask again.

You do this until you absolutely positively cannot come up with a different answer. At this point you will have the deep intrinsic driver.

The single thing that you will drive you to do what you have to do to accomplish the thing you want regardless of how you feel.

Once you have the Why, the how’s will reveal themselves along the way. This is simply how it works.

In the video I cover a lot of other ground on this subject that I think will help you out.

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