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The Old Adage is “Repetition, Repetition, Repetition, Reputation.”

This is true… from the positive perspective but NOT so much on the negative side.
Since a positive reputation is essentially a trust, this requires multiple impressions that are favorable because trust takes a while to grow.
There are lots of reasons for this, and not necessary to discuss here because it’s a pretty well established understanding in today’s world. You simply have to earn trust. The deeper it is, the longer it takes.
A negative reputation though can happen in a minute. I bet you have a negative impression of multiple people in your life, whether in business or personally, that you really don’t know, but you simply were turned off by something they said or did the first time you encountered them.

People Do Business With Those They Like and Trust

In fact, these two are for practical purposes inseparable. If you like someone, you probably trust them, and if you trust someone, your probably like them. You don’t have to be best buddies, just generally feel comfortable with them, and that comes from trust.

In business (and in relationships) the degree to which you are provided opportunities depends entirely on your credibility with those who grant you the opportunity. The more credibility you have the more opportunities you get, and the greater the credibility, the greater the opportunities.

Credibility is a trust.

One of the primary components of this particular trust is the perception of your character.  Character trust is the holy grail of credibility. People can look past competency errors, but they rarely look past any measure of character mistrust.

You can build an awesome character reputation by doing seven simple things on a consistent basis. In fact, if you are at all competent in your work, and have a strong work ethic, then over time you can do as much business as you’d like if you are known for these seven things.

Here they are:








This is why anyone can successfully develop business…because these are not difficult to do. In the video I go deeper into some of these with some examples. This is basic, yet powerful, and so many folks simply don’t realize this is all you need to do, aside from hard, good, work. If you think this will help someone feel free to share.

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