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Whatever Your Business, Unless You Have Unlimited Marketing Dollars, You Need to be Prospecting.

For many people, the very idea of doing so, makes their skin crawl.

Most people do not like prospecting. This is a flat out truth. Many of the most successful people I know who have made fortunes in business through consistent prospecting, admit they don’t like it, never have, and cannot imagine that they ever will.

I can relate. I am the same way. Yet, I have done it for over 30 years.

At first I did it because my desire to have a lifestyle of freedom to work for myself and have more choices for my family, was important enough to go through the pain of doing it, rather than settle for a lifestyle I didn’t want.

Over time I got comfortable doing it, even though I never really liked it, and still don’t, but still do it.

You Already Know the Numbers Part Right?

If you talk to enough people you will find people who are open to learning about what you have to offer. Everyone knows this. The thing that gets you to take the step to prospect is adjusting your mindset to this fact, but also, knowing the other things that are happening.

If you could be certain that every single prospecting contact would be a victory for you. Would you prospect more?

Of course you would. If there is absolutely no failure, what is there to be afraid of?

So here’s how each prospecting contact is a victory provided you are being nice, honest, respectful, and real.

3 Things That Are Guaranteed to Happen and All of Which are Victories for YOU

The first and most important is that you are creating awareness that you have something of value to offer. Until you let someone know the benefits and value that you have, they don’t know. They have no opportunity to choose you. Most people aren’t ready to act on something the first time they hear about it. But they can NEVER act on it if they don’t know about it. Each contact is letting people know you are in the game. You become an option.

The majority of business I have conducted in my career in all of my businesses has come after many touches, not the first touch. If you approach each conatct from the perspective that all I am doing is letting them know I can help if they need it, how hard is that?

The second victory is identifying the wrong person. If someone has absloutely no interest in your product or service category, you don’t want to keep them in your ongoing contact base. You can’t know this without a conversation. And it’s vital to know. So this is a victory. Your time is precious. You don’t want to waste future time resource on people who are not in your market. The other one, and it’s even bigger to me (becasue someone can NOT be interested in your market area, but have a loved one who is) is whether the person is nice and respectful to you.

I absolutely will cross someone of my list if they are unkind or rude. Period. They aren’t rejecting me…I am rejecting them.

The third victory is the one you want most and that is someone who says “YES, I’d love to see what you have.” This is going to be the least likely, and of course the most desired. And it only happens if you make enough contacts to get to this one.

If you are interacting with people the way I teach, and you are in a product or service category that has a high percentage of the population’s attention, you will have more people open to learning, and perhaps three or four, or even five, will be open to talking to you about it. If you are in a narrow field then it will be less.

You Are Just Sorting

Think about prospecting as sorting. You have a giant list of people and you are soring them all out. You contact each person. Some YOU reject, most go in your “not yet” but now aware file, and the rest you will actively talk to and present your offer.

Each contact is a win.

In the video below, I share several mindset tips that will help you even further, but if you just grasp this concept it will change things for you and have you consistently prospecting day in and day out.

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