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You Probably Don’t Like Adversity Very Much…

Who does? Adversity means we are dealing with something difficult, and typically it’s got to be a BIG difficulty for us to think of it as adversity.

A hang nail hurts but you aren’t going to think of it as adversity are you?

Losing a job, a hurricane wrecking your house, a loved on becoming seriously ill, a relationship that’s falling apart….these are adversities.

There is also the adversities that happens when you are trying to accomplish something. What’s that old saying? “Man plans and God laughs?”

Suffice it To Say, No One Likes Adversity. But…

It is absolutely a part of anything meaningful in life. By definition it would have to be. If we didn’t care, it wouldn’t be adverse to us.

There is also the FACT that adversity is what makes us better, stronger, and more capable. What if we could remember this in the times when we are struggling?

I know for certain that the adversities I have been through, and there have been many in my life that all tie into the 3 circles (health, relationship, and money) have been some of the best things that have happened to me.

Now to be clear, not once do I remember saying “I’m so happy I am going through this becasue it is preparing me for things in my future.”

I’m just not THAT good. But I have learned to the degree that when I am in the midst of challenges I know it means something good is on the horizon somewhere even if I can’t see it yet.

I bet if you were to think about some really hard things that you pressed through in life, that somewhere after the hard times, there was a rainbow of sorts. Think about this and you will see that it’s true.


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