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What Determines How Fast You Grow in a Business or Advance in a Career?

Certainly hard work is an acceptable answer. But let’s make that one a given. You are definitely not going to be promoted or grow your own venture without having a strong work ethic.

Although, there are people who work really hard, but don’t ever seem to move the needle much or get the promotion. And it’s because they are missing the key ingredient for advancement….TRUST.

Trust is the single thing that will drive every aspect of how you advance in business in general.

On the surface you might think, okay, so all it takes is being a hard-worker and being honest! No. You can be extremely honest and not be considered trustworthy. Here’s what I mean. Suppose I ask you to do a job for me, and we agree to the parameters of the job, and you honestly intend to deliver the job in time.

But you don’t. You worked like crazy and still didn’t deliver. That is going to affect how much trust I would have in you going forward, because you didn’t do what you said you would do.

Trust is the Driver of Credibility.

This is why trust is so important. The credibility you have with others is what creates opportunities. The more credible you appear, the more and bigger opportunities you are provided. In order for you to advance rapidly in business, you have to demonstrate competency in the work and character traits that exemplify the right trust as a person.

The key to advancing is knowing what competencies to work on, and then consistently working to become better. The challenge here is that usually this means working hard at the skills of the job. Which is smart to do, but is only a third of the true core competencies that matter.

For example, if you are in sales, and you are working hard at perfecting the prospecting language and the “pitch” but you have little to no interpersonal skills training, you are building a skillset on top of a faulty foundation.

The Two Additional Core Competency Areas That Will Increase Your Business Velocity Are Personal Productivity Skills and Interpersonal Skills.

In the video below I share some deep insights as to how not having these skills has a major impact on your credibility and trust in the business arena. These two areas need to be worked on consistently in order to learn the right things to do, and unlearn the habits that have taken the place of formal training in these crucial skills.

And by the way, these two areas don’t just affect you in the workplace, they also impact your personal relationships and your reputation in the community in which you live.

In my book  3 Circles Living I give you some starting points for these because they are essential for living your richest life possible. These are also key platform fundamentals for the coaching and business training I do, because they have a massive impact on your future ability to lead effectively.

If you search in this site, you can find several posts on these skills that will be helpful. Be sure to build in at least 10-15 minutes per day of development time for these skills. They will help to launch you to new heights!

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P.S. Coaches are a key part of the success of top performers in all industries. If you are considering working with a coach, reach out to me and we can talk about it.

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