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Do You Have Aspirations to Be a Leader, or Be a Better Leader?

If the answer is yes, then the first thing you have to do is understand that being a leader has little to do with position or title, and everything to do with people willingly following you. This is different than people having to follow you.

The degree to which people follow you is based on a trust of who you are and how competent you are. This specific blend of trusts equates to your level of credibility, and this is what gives you the ability to influence, which IS leadership.

This short article will help you know HOW to work on developing yourself into a leader. The rest will take purposeful effort in learning and development, patience in the process, and consistent dedication.

First You Have to Make the Choice…

This is a very important point.

Leaders are not “born” as leaders (The video below will help you understand this more deeply should you choose to watch it.), they make a choice to develop themselves into leaders, and through the proper actions and execution, people begin to follow. This means that you start by leading the most challenging, stubborn, difficult person in the world. The one in the mirror!!!

You begin by disciplining yourself to work on the core competencies that affect how you intyeract with people and how you produce the most results in the time you have. In leadership, you are under a microscope. Everything about you is scrutinized by those in your charge.

Unfortunately, most people have been subject to poor leadership, and abuse of power and authority, all there life. This becomes your problem. They will look for any hole in your boat, either personal or professional, that shows you are not who you are presenting yourself to be.

Start With The Platform of the 3 Circles

In order to be at your best, show up your best, and be able to serve others (news flash…this is what leadership is) the best you possibly can, you have to have your house in order so to speak. You have to show that you are disciplined in all facets of your life. You have to work on health in every aspect, which will include developing yourself, and cultivating the skills that make you highly effective with people and highly productive.

These skills will translate into stronger trust relationships everywhere you are interacting with people like your job, business, community, etc. and help you to be better in your most important relationships at home, which have a massive impact on how you show up everyday.

This will help you be extremely effective in doing the basics that make people want to follow you. At that point you begin to work on your leadership competencies, which then magnify your ability to drive results with others. Every leadership training I do, the 3 Circles Living platform is taught as a key for both strengthening your credibility and setting an inspiring and attractive example of why someone would want to follow you. Be sure to get a copy of the book as soon as you can.

Remember…leadership is a choice. It doesn’t happen in a day…it happens over time with daily dedication.

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P.S. Coaches are a key part of the success of top performers in all industries. If you are considering working with a coach, reach out to me and we can talk about it.

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