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Have You Ever Stopped At a Green Light?

Not long ago, on my way to workout in the morning, I was so lost in thought that I stopped at a traffic light.  That normally wouldn’t be a problem, except for the fact that the light I stopped at was green. As I pulled to a stop, the light turned yellow, which caused my brain to interrupt me and ask why was I stopped at a light that just turned yellow?

I regained my senses and drove through the yellow light before it turned red. Unfortunately, I left the guy behind me stuck at a light he should have easily made it through. He probably didn’t have the nicest words for me at that moment!

How Often Do We Miss Green Lights in Our Opportunities?

Anyway, my spaced out driving experience made me think about green lights and life. How often do we miss green lights? Not in our driving. In our opportunities to experience and advance? It’s apparent, that on this morning, I came upon the light assuming it was red when it wasn’t. How about you? How often do you just assume a red light in your life?

If we all took the mental stance that all lights in life are essentially green, I wonder what we would and could do? Haven’t you stopped yourself before from doing something you really wanted to do because of an obstacle or a fear you were certain was real only to discover later, maybe weeks later or maybe years later, that the red light was only in your head?

Or perhaps, you began to take a step in a direction of the heart, but you felt the light was yellow. You were proceeding with extreme caution and wanted to make sure it wasn’t risky to take a step. And since you were inexperienced and couldn’t see what was coming, you slowed down so much that eventually the light turned red and you hadn’t gotten anywhere. So you walked away before you ever saw the inevitable green light.

Assume All the Lights of Your Dreams are Green

Let’s just make this easy. Wake up in the morning and assume all the lights of your dreams are green until something significant proves to you otherwise. Even lights that feel red to you right now will be green at some point if you stick around long enough.

Go after life with a green light attitude. This video has a message that may help you with this.

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