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But Those of Everyone Who is Hasty, Surely to Poverty.”

The truth of this proverb (21:5) is one of those “boy I wish I knew THAT before” kind of truths that is almost impossible to swallow…until we have been burned more than a time or two by our own desire to have instant gratification.

Think back for a minute to some of the times in your life when you got lured in by the promise of a quick fix. Perhaps it was some product that was touted to melt your weight away overnight. Maybe it was an income opportunity that you just knew you were going to make a fortune fast.

You likely have at least a few of these skeletons in your closet, as do I, and everyone you else know. So you are in good company. The “hasty” lure of instant success is well choregraphed in the world of marketing and is designed to separate you from your money by playing on your human emotions and natural lack of patience.

Poverty Isn’t Just Financial…

Poor health, poor relationships, poor mindset, and poor bank account are all forms of poverty. All these forms of poverty come from some aspect of neglect that is then exacerbated by hasty attempts to fix them fast.

In the Book “3 Circles Living” you will find this statement:
“The things and people you treasure most are the ones that have required the most challenge.”

Treasures Came from Diligence.

The cool thing is that you already have proof that this is true. Simply consider the things in your life that you value and you can see that you obtained them by working with care and conscientiousness over time.

This is proof that you can have plenty in whatever you decide you want it in.

Simply decide what it is you want to change, and commit to diligently working at it consistently. Don’t look for the immediate gratification of a result, instead recognize the deeper gratification that you are taking the steps, you are learning, growing, and moving in the right direction. Whenever you are struggling with how far you have to go, and that may be far depending on the size of the thing you are pursuing, take a look backwards and recognize how far you’ve come. Each step of progress is proof that you can go the whole way if you just stay the diligent course.

This is the entire premise of “3 Circles Living.” It is a structured roadmap that leads to a platform of plenty through purposeful diligence in the right things.
If you haven’t gotten the book yet, I encourage you to, and then be diligent in following the path.
In the video I share another nugget or two.

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P.S. 3 Circles Living is now available in kindle as well!!!

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