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Who Will You Impact Today…and How?

One thing is certain. You are going to be making some kind of impact every moment you interact with someone in your day to day life. This is a significant revelation because it brings to light our responsibility for our actions and our words.

Will we brighten someone’s day? Or will we darken it?

The bigger issue is not just that we affect the person we interact with in the grocery store or in our business activities, it’s that our affect on them goes through them into their subsequent interactions in the day. From the negative side, we have all had the experience of someone treating us poorly and then it influencing us for a little while after. Without knowing it we may then have treated someone else less thoughtfully than we might otherwise have done so…and then they in turn to another and so on.

The “Butterfly Effect” Teaches us a Powerful Lesson

In my first book “Live Full, Live Well” I talk about the power of the “Butterfly Effect.” This is the scientific theory that the flapping of the wings of a butterfly off the coast of Africa in the South Atlantic Ocean can be the genesis of a hurricane. On the surface this seems ridiculous. How can a butterfly bring to life one of nature’s most powerful forces?

It makes perfect sense though when you consider what it actually means. It means that all the conditions are perfectly aligned and it only takes the slightest movement of air to tip these conditions forward….and that slight, virtually imperceptible, movement comes from the wings of the butterfly.

You are The Butterfly

The way you show up in the world everyday has an effect on others. This applies to business, families, friendships, and any other place where you show up. Imagine if we were all purposeful from this understanding?

If we make it a point to be encouraging, to listen, to recognize and praise, to help and serve others in need, to be a positive voice….what kind of chain reaction might we catalyze?

WOW….that’s really all you could say about it. What could unfold in our communities would be simply awesome. Suddenly people would be functioning on a higher plane, and being a force for helping others do better.

You might think this is a bit altruistic. But it’s real. Change starts in each of us. If we want a better world, we have to be better first. We have to example the behaviors and ideals that can make this world better. Then we are being the change and leading the change. We all have a part to play. Be the butterfly for everyone you touch.

In this video I take this into the space of building a home business and give you specific ideas for making this happen in your work.

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P.S. My book “3 Circles Living” has the path to walk on to help put you into the right space in heart and mind to show up in a more positive way everyday. In addition, if you are in a health and wellness business, it will help your retention. If you have employees, it will help their productivity, which will help your company. If you’d like to learn about the Academy Training to take your business to the next level, reach out to me.

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