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Do You Feel Like Some of The People You are Leading are Unmotivated?

If you can answer yes to this, then consider this…

How motivated are they to run out the door when the work day is done? If they are ready to roll out with a rush, then what you have is someone who is clearly motivated, it’s just not showing up in the work.

Everyone on the planet is motivated. The question is “for what?”

The key is not to motivate someone. They are already motivated. The key is to empower people to perform based on their motivations. In the video below, I share a concept about connecting the dots between their job and what it is they truly care about. It will help you a lot. But it won’t matter if you connect the dots for someone if they don’t believe you believe in them. This applies in a job setting or a volunteer force setting.

How Do You Let Them Know You Believe in Them?

You have to invest some time in them and get to know them. Every person under your leadership has two questions on their mind…

Why should I listen to you?

Do you care about me?

Obviously, in a job setting someone has to listen to you to a degree because there are formal consequences if they don’t. This isn’t leadership. This is authority. You want to create a desire to listen to you. This is a completely different ballgame and leads to substantially more productivity. This is where the “care about them” piece comes in.

You demonstrate you care by investing time in them. This is proof. Words are cheap. Actions are the real deal. Here are some things you can do that will make a huge difference in empowering them

Help them see their strengths-Most people have no idea what they are capable of. They have spent a lifetime building monuments to their weaknesses and hearing criticism for what they are not. Everyone has abilities and strengths, and they will happily serve someone who points them out and then helps them develop them

Listen to them-When you are interaction with them, be focused on them. This shows them that you value them and builds trust in a big way

Encourage them– No one around you is getting much encouragement. No one. Probably not you either. When you encourage someone it lifts them emotionally and actions will follow

Feedback– You need to consistently provide feedback. Not just constructively but also in the form of praise

Let Them Know You Expect Them to Succeed– This is a powerful nugget right here. It has been proven in studies over and over that when you communicate and treat someone like you to expect them to do well….they do.

When you implement these five things along with the golden nugget I give you in the video, and you do them consistently, you will see a change in the way people show up. They will be much more empowered than before.

Was this helpful for you? Please let me know in the comments below. Think this would be helpful for others? Feel free to share. Let’s help as many people as we can to thrive.

The Ultimate Guide to Thriving is “3 Circles Living.” This will help anyone you are leading to do better in life and in their work!

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