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There is Simply an Extreme Amount of Focus on Image in Today’s World.

Everyone has issues to some degree with image at various stages in life. I have, and I’m not afraid to admit it.

When we are/were dating we want to impress then girl or guy that catches our eye. Are we going to say to them right off the bat, “Hey let me tell you all the ways I struggle, and my self-confidence issues, or some of the gross things I do.” No, we are going to try to present our best self and do it in a way that we think they will find attractive.

How about an interview for a job? Do you talk about all the things you struggle with or have messed up? Nope. You have a glowing resume that puts you in the best light possible.

How often do people buy cars, homes, clothes, etc. all for the sake of looking a certain way?
Hey, I’m just throwing out some real world examples.

The focus here is actually to consider what you WANT the world to see you as….and then do the work to BECOME the person that the world sees that way.

While doing this, be TRUE to yourself. Don’t try to work your way to be someone you’re not. You are never going to be very good at being anyone else but you. You are suppose to be you. The best version of you possible. Image is often about “fitting in.” You aren’t suppose to fit in. We are all suppose to “fit together.” This means we are tasked to developing ourselves, and our uniqueness to make the contribution on this planet that only we each, uniquely, can make!

When Your Image and You are the Same…You are Living in Integrity.

The John Maxwell question “What do you work harder on, your image or integrity?” is one of the most important questions anyone could consider, who wants to have a lasting impact and influence in the lives of others.

Anyone in leadership HAS to focus on integrity. If they don’t, and the focus is simple on being SEEN a certain way, yet aren’t BEING that way…that is a recipe for disaster.

Eventually who you really are will be seen. If you have been presenting yourself to be something you aren’t, once that is exposed, you will have broken trust completely. Image work is sort of like “instant gratification,” it’s trying to take the quick road to being seen a certain way.

If you ARE doing this, either stop it, or get to work on the underlying skills that will help you become the person you are projecting, provided that person is a higher version of YOU.

You are enough. You are unique. You have your own set of talent, strengths, gifts, affinities, passions, etc. Work on yourself, treat people well, give all you have to the people you love and the work you do, and yur image will take care of itself!

In the video I share several other insights.


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