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There are Several Key Factors for Being Highly Productive…

Effective planning, time utilization, prioritizing, skills development, maintenance, and the list goes on of things that play a role in how efficiently you produce in your career.

The single most important thing involves taking care of your number one asset. YOU.

You can be a master in all things from a life and business skills standpoint. You can acquire all kinds of resources and training. But if you are not physically and emotionally well, it won’t make much difference long term. You simply have to look at your self as the most important asset you have and treat yourself this way.

When I talk about how to build a business, I always talk about the two things that you have to do consistently: Talk to people about what you have to offer, and invest time in personal and professional development. But these things still need to come after you take care of you.

Long Term Success Requires Long Term Health

Success in any type of career requires high amounts of physical energy and emotional energy. They go hand in hand. I learned this the hard way years ago when I was building my first business. I was working like a madman 15 hours per day and completely neglecting my health. And I was paying the price. Was I really productive in all those 15 hours ?No way.

When I teach the 3 Circles Living Platform, it starts with self-care, and then moves to relationship care. Then it goes to taking care of your work and/or business. It is magical in how it flows and leads to an awesome way of living and a highly productive way of working.

The person who takes care of themselves will out-produce the one that doesn’t over the long term from a physical perspective. Taking care of the relationship piece feeds the emotional energy side of you. This allows you to show up in the work place in a energized and happy, or I prefer joyful, way. This is incredibly attractive to others and expands your opportunities with people.

I live this every day and have for many years and it leads to a complete and fulfilling life.

Fortunately I had an awakening many years ago, and set about figuring this out. I tell the story in depth in the book, and often when I’m speaking at live events.

My primary business for the past 24 years has been a health and wellness business where I have had the fulfilling experience of helping a lot of people get this part right, and then watched them be better able to use all the other skills development to soar in their careers.

I am passionate about this topic, but don’t usually share that here as you tend to get business training and personal development from me. But I felt called to share this with you today because I want you to succeed for a long long time and you simply cannot do that without putting your health first.

Here are Some Simple Tips That I Do Daily That May Help

Have some quiet time to reflect, journal, and feed yourself spiritually.

Do some form of exercise. This may feel like you need extra time, but it will give you more productive time in the day because you will feel better.

Feed your mind some positive developmental material. Reading and listening/watching.

Eat quality foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, lean proteins. Minimize or avoid processed foods…these are full of chemicals that affect you physically and mentally.

Complement your diet with high quality nutritional supplements. You simply cannot get enough for your needs from today’s food supply.

These simple things will affect change immediately for you and lead to much better productivity for you. In the video below, I share the 9 signs you may be nutritionally deficient. It will open your eyes a little more.


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Many Blessings, Todd

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