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What is the Number One Thing That Holds You Back in Life?

It’s likely fear.

I know this is a broad question. You can fill in your own specifics like Holds you back from….
Starting a business, asking for the sale, asking for the date, having the tough conversation, asking for the promotion, learning how to _____
Doesn’t matter….it all boils down to the same process.

There’s something you want to do, and you don’t.
Because of fear.

Fear Comes in many Flavors…

Criticism. Rejection. Failure. Embarrassment. Loss.
Again, you can add your flavor to the list. Now…what is fear?
Lack of belief in a positive outcome for the most part in today’s world. Of course, fear can be related to physical danger, but that’s not what you are afraid of usually.
None of the things I mentioned, or that you might fill in the blank with, are physical danger. Anyway, since fear is essentially lack of belief in a positive outcome, then let’s call it what it truly is:
Lack of confidence.

When You Are Confident, You Are Not Afraid (unless it’s a true phobia, like my fear of snakes…Yikes!)

THIS is GREAT news. Anytime you can solve a problem, and I mean clearly solve a problem, it’s wonderful news.

You just have to know what to do to develop it and then patiently take action.

Confidence is a blend of attitude and skill. It’s a “feeling” and it’s a practical truth. If you perform an act over and over, you will become very good at it. That’s a practical, universal truth for most everything.

Once you become good at the thing, you will see the result of your improvements in a tangible way.

If you have never shot a basketball and I ask you if you can make 3 out of 5 foul shots, you aren’t going to be confident that you can, and you likely won’t.
If you practice shooting foul shots for 15 minutes a day, in about two months, you will probably be pretty confident you can make 3 out of 5.

SKILLS Development leads to confidence. But it’s only part of the equation. In the video I give you a much deeper picture of exactly how you can make a massive improvement in your confidence that will affect the outcomes in every corner of your life. The “3 Circles Living” Book will help you here as well.

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Many Blessings, Todd

P.S. “3 Circles Living” will not only help you condition yourself properly, but it will also give you an exact formula for achieving your richest life possible. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen!

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