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Do You Want to Move to the Head of the Line When Your Company is Handing out Promotions?

If you do, this short article and video are going to help you get there.

There is one huge fundamental that I’ll give you here, but before I do, check to see if you are doing these things…

Are you showing up for work with positive energy?

Are you treating others with kindness and respect?

Do you focus on solutions instead of problems?

These three things are going to make the big one I share with you, all the more noticeable. OR…

they will make it irrelevant.  Companies and leaders who want to create lasting success in their business know that nothing is more important than people. The people that work for the company and the people the company serves. Therefore, you have to show up as the kind of people that other people want to be around and work with.

This is part of the “3 Circles Living” platform. Take care of yourself physically, while nurturing the proper growth and development in yourself. This allows you to show up effectively in the most important relationships, which then gives you a platform of the right kind of positive energy. When you feel this way, you are going to show up right, and you will have the kind of approach to work that results in a legacy of kindness and respect, in addition to the creative positive approach to problem solving. Check, check, check.

The Next BIG Building Block is OWNERSHIP

One of the biggest challenges leadership has is knowing who they can depend on. Realize that the one thing that cannot be delegated is responsibility for the end result in the big picture. That falls squarely on the ownership of the company or the leadership depending on the type of company.

The person YOU would trust, if you were in your boss’ shoes, and want to promote to higher levels of responsibility, would be someone who exemplifies an attitude of ownership. Not someone who talks the talk…someone who lives the walk.

Here’s a clue as to this huge point that can catapult you. When someone starts a business…any kind of business…when they first open the doors they are working way way harder than what they are getting paid for. The early part of a business, the owner is basically working for nothing. They aren’t earning…they are investing completely. Not just the money to start the business but their time and energy.

They do whatever is necessary. They clean the toilets if they need it. They pick up trash. They make the phone calls. They do everything.

This is the mentality of ownership. Doing whatever it takes. As an employee, this means that is the approach you need to have in the work, and if you are starting your own business, either part-time or full-time, you will learn this quickly…you do whatever is necessary…like it or not.

Which means also, that you help out regardless of where the help is needed. You never utter the words “that’s not my job,” but even more importantly, you demonstrate that anything that helps the company IS your job…just like you own it!

This can be summed up with the words “do more than you are paid for.” When you do this, it is noticeable and contagious, and is exactly the attitude that leads to moving up.

The video below shares a story and a bit more insight.

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Many Blessings, Todd

P.S. “3 Circles Living” will not only help you condition yourself properly, but it will also give you an exact formula for achieving your richest life possible. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen!

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