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Information is Constantly Coming at You, Wisdom You Must Seek.

When you are struggling with an issue or a decision, and you are looking for counsel or advice, who do you turn to? Do you go to social media? Do you talk to a friend? Do you research?

One of wisest things you can do is talk to someone who has been there and done that. An “Elder.”

The challenge in modern culture is there has been a persistent gap between generations. This is normal. And it’s also extremely unfortunate. Yes, every generation grows up thinking their parent’s generation has no clue about what their life is like, because it’s a different world.

This is absolutely true. And it’s absolutely false.

Technology Creates Change that Accelerates With Each Passing Year.

This means the world is definitely different…all the time. However, you know what’s not different? True human needs, the fundamentals of relationships, the fundamentals of productivity, the fundamentals of success, the principles of right and wrong.

Here’s the point…when we are young (I say this relative to maturity, not age, but for a while obviously they go hand in hand) we think we know everything. And everything is looked at through the lens of our self-absorption and what is in it for us.

As we mature…we understand with each passing day, that we actually know very little compared with all there is to know. We start to understand that the lens is changing and that while we still have needs to be met, it’s less about what we get and more about how we can give.

As we mature further, we see that the ultimate way to have your own needs met is through service to others. This is just one tiny pathway of wisdom that comes with maturity.

We also, through wisdom, are able to ferret out the wrong voices, recognize how little someone’s opinion of us really means, and become infinitely more emphatic and compassionate, among many other blessings.

I’ve Always Said That Life Would Look a lot Different if We Grew Backwards…

In other words, if we were born with all the wisdom and applied it as we worked towards our youth…that one will keep you up at night to ponder.

There are cultures in the world who honor the elders in their communities and all key decisions are measured and weighed through their wisdom. These communities tap into this amazing resource to better balance youthful exuberance and modern advancement with time-tested fundamentals and principles.

Elders in modern day, can in fact be elders, or they can be coaches and mentors. Mentors would be more readily recognizable as purveyors of wisdom, while you need to be a bit more discerning about coaches since anyone can take a class and be called a coach.

Make sure you have some “elders” in your life to talk to. You do not have to know it all and don’t let pride stand in the way of asking for input. If you aren’t sure who these people are, ask people you trust who they suggest, or, look for someone who is calm in the storm, leaves a positive footprint when they pass by, and send out a warm serving spirit…at that moment you will be in the company of an “elder” regardless of their age.

Who are your voices of wisdom? Who else can be?

I hope you found this helpful. Please share with others if you believe they would benefit.

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Many Blessings, Todd

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