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Kaizen is Defined as a Japanese Business Philosophy of Continuous Improvement of Working Practices, Personal Efficiency, etc.

One resource states that the word “Kaizen” essentially means “good change.”

So what does this word have to do with you? While it is often attributed to business, it is actually useful in any aspect of life. One of the core components of this philosophy is to take a small step that will lead to an improvement. Just one. And then do this single step over and over until you are comfortable enough with this step to expand to the next step.

For instance….let’s say you are in horrific physical shape and you would like to begin the process of getting fit. Let’s assume that you cannot do a single pushup. Pushups are an excellent way to grow and develop physical strength and stamina. To start you would get on your knees and try to do a pushup up from your knees which is using much less of your body weight. You would get on the floor. And try to do one. If you failed to accomplish this, you would try again the next day. As long as you are physically trying as hard as you can, to the point where you cannot push up any more. At some point, you will succeed in doing one push up from your knees. Now, you start doing the one pushup you can, while you try to get the second one.

Over time you would be able to move to one full pushup on your toes. And then you could begin from there. At some point, if you chose, you could build all the way to the point where you could do 100 pushups in a row without stopping if you wanted to. This is not refutable as a basic concept. And this is the  beauty of it. You can apply this principle to anything you’d like and it is especially applicable to sales and business.

It Simply Doesn’t Matter What Your Starting Point is.

If you have a product or service that has value and is at all competitive in the market place, you can use this principle to become as successful as you’d like. Consider sales for a minute. What does it take for a sale to happen? Someone has a need or desire for something, and someone else provides access to the thing that is needed, or desired, at a price that is ultimately acceptable. I know it’s a bit more involved than this in many cases, but in essence this is all it is.

So how would someone who has never been in sales before, who is terrified to talk to people, and has no personal credibility with the prospects, become successful in sales?

By having one conversation. Regardless of what happens. The goal is not to make the sale. It’s only to have one conversation at first.

How Can This Lead to Success?


Because having one conversation, regardless of how awkward, terrifying, and uncomfortable it is, will prove that you can survive it and do it again. Over time, this one conversation will become easy. Then it can be repeated over and over and over.

Soon it can be done with a little more skill and nuance. What happens when you talk to people who are open to your product or service? You find people who are ready to buy and you make a sale.

Once you have made a sale, you can repeat this process.

EVERYTHING in life comes down to mathematics. Relationships require the math of time and attention. Health requires the math of movement, calories, nutrients, etc., and business requires the math of activity. There is truly no real excuse for any human being of able body and remotely sound mind to not accomplish something of meaning in a chosen direction.

It is only a function of small steps repeated consistently combined with the patience and maturity to give the math the time to play out.

This video is not related directly to this article as it is about how to be highly effective with people…although you could make the case that it relates to every article that ever mentions interacting with people. Anyhow, it may be helpful for you.

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