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If it’s at ALL Important in Your Life, There Will be Times When You Feel Hopeless…

By the very nature of the way life works, if it matters to you and it is of value, it is going to be hard. For lots of reasons. You will have lots of issues with self-doubt because you don’t know everything, you will have the issue of growth and the mistakes that come with it as well as the fear and discomfort that comes with it, you will have periods where it feels like nothing you are doing is working. All these and lots more mean there are going to be lots of times when you feel like giving up.

Just to give you some quick context using the “3 Circles Living” platform. Almost everyday I work out, I feel like stopping in the middle. Many times early in my marriage I felt like there was no way it could work. More times than I can count, and still at times today in my business life, I have wanted to walk away. Every one of the 5 books I’ve written, I wanted to stop multiple times during the project. I can go on and on.

To live an awesome life, you HAVE to go through the hard stuff consistently. The irony of this, is if you DON”T go through the hard stuff consistently, your life is going to be HARDER. To help you with this, here are six mindset hacks.

THIS is Actually What Success Looks Like. Everyone you have ever seen who has accomplished something you are admiring, got to the place you are admiring by going through their version of what you are going through or will go through. Success is a messy, disheveled, cobbled together road. What you SEE and what they DID/DO are not remotely the same thing. They sweat, cry, miss sleep, wonder how they can go on, make mistakes, go the wrong way sometimes, etc. You just don’t see that because the success of others comes from what you don’t see. What you are seeing is simply the result of them walking through what you are now or will be.

Consider How Far You Have Already Come. Usually when we are thinking we can’t go on, it’s because we are looking at the distance we still have to the goal in the context of how we are feeling in this moment where our emotions and energy are shot. We are feeling like it’s too far away. It’s never going to happen. Instead, when we have these times, we need to stop a minute, take a breath, and look back. Look at all we have learned, look at how much we have grown, acknowledge the progress we have made. All that came from one step at a time. One day at a time. You don’t have to go all the way right now. You only have to regroup enough to take the next step. How far you have already come, is all the proof you need to take the next step. You knew so much less before and yet here you are.

Recognize that Quitting isn’t Acceptable. Which would you prefer…a lifetime of regret, self-loathing, disgust, AND the thing you want to accomplish never happening (which often means some type of problem remains)…or a period of difficulty that is building you as a person at the same time it’s moving you closer to your goal and making your life better? Quitters never win. Winners never quit. Losers in life don’t get beaten…they quit. You are not a loser, so QUITTING is NOT an OPTION. Remove it from the table of choices.

Everyone Feels Like This. I have met, and know, an enormous amount of people who have accomplished things of meaning. Not a single one has ever said it was easy. Most of them have stories that are full of incredible struggles and setbacks. You are not the only one who feels like this. Everyone who is doing something of value does too. You are in the right company of folks. Reach out to others who are making things happen and network and hang out with these kinds of people and you will get some encouragement. Accomplishing goals and dreams does not mean no struggle, it is just a different kind of struggle, and a much better kind at that, than the people who don’t go after it.

You are Making Your Story Right Now. This is how you will inspire people in the future. Your success may impress people, but it is your path through struggles that impacts them. It’s what gives them hope for themselves to take a step they might not other wise take. It’s not a great comfort to know that you are making your story…but it does help if you just say to yourself…”this is my story, this is my path. I am happy I GET to walk it. AND it’s going to be an awesome story when it’s done!”

Consider Who is Watching. There are lots of folks who are keeping an eye on you as you go for it. Some for the right reasons and some not. There are plenty of people who hope you won’t succeed. That is a direct reflection on them, and shows you that you should not care for one second what they think. Aside from those people, there are two sets of people I want you to keep in mind. The first, and most important, is your family. You want to set an example for your family and close friends. Especially if you have children. I would rather my kids see me die trying than live as a quitter. Your example is ALL you really have with this portion of your life, because they are all so close to you that they may not listen much to you, but they sure will watch. The other set of people are those in your community and business world who know you have under-taken something. Your persistence, NOT necessarily your progress rate, grows your credibility with them and creates opportunities for you. The right people already know that anything of meaning is hard, because they have been on the road for a while. Your credibility is too important to give up.

Use these hacks and they will help. Take it from someone who knows deeply.

Here is an old Facebook Live video where I go deeper in this message. It’s from a few years ago, but there is some very useful information in it.

I hope you found this helpful. Please share with others if you believe they would benefit.

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Many Blessings, Todd

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