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Choices and Decisions are Much Simpler When They are Based on a Solid Foundation.

Principles and values are the foundation.

The challenge is that we can often forget this when we are in the midst of the emotions of a situation.

In my study of Stephen Covey years ago, I learned about the concept of being “principle-centered.” This is a powerful platform that I teach to corporations and individuals alike. It takes a little proactive thinking and reflection to put into place and this is where the struggle actually comes in.

We are so busy and so connected today, that solitude and quiet reflection is sometimes difficult to come by unless we are purposeful. This is one of the reasons that I start each day with this. No phone, no outside influences. Just a quiet time of reflection. I also journal in this time, and use this time for my spiritual development, but the key is to step off of the merry go-round of life so you can take stock of things.

Too Often We are Just Reacting and Then Have to Deal With Whatever Way We Reacted.

The power of taking the time to establish our guiding principles and values is that when we encounter situations, whether they are thrust upon us or by our own proactive choice, we have a simple way to determine the best response or choice.

Principles don’t react. They are not emotional. This is a huge point because you and I are emotional creatures. Everything goes through our emotions before it gets to our logical side. For example, this past year has been a very difficult time for me. Between the move and the hurricane, and a plethora of other things that went a little haywire in my life, it has taken an emotional toll. If I stay in the emotions, it is not good. When I can shift into the logic side of things, I can see that things are pretty darn good in general. I bet you can understand this experience.

This is the power of having some guiding principles. It allows you to shift more quickly.

Principles-based decisions and actions will lead you to long-term predictable results, and give you the feeling of confidence in being proactive. After all, principles and fundamentals stand the test of time. They work over and over when applied.

Here are Eight of Mine that Will Be Helpful…

  1.  Treat others with kindness and respect- You are not in their shoes. It’s not your place to judge them.
  2.  Be Honest- In general you cannot go wrong here.
  3.  Serve others as the means to advance self- This is truly how you succeed anyway. Whatever you are doing has to be bringing some value to another person.
  4.  Everything is a Process- There is a process to accomplishing whatever you are trying to do, and there is a process to your own learning and development. Trust the process and you will make progress. You cannot skip steps.
  5.  Prioritize the Right Way- The “3 Circles Living” Platform is the best path for living a long, joyful, fulfilling, and rich life. Self-care, then relationship care, then financial well-being in that order works the best and endures.
  6. Everyone has Value-You can learn from anyone and everyone. Everyone has something to contribute. Just because someone is different than you doesn’t make them better or you better.
  7. Things of Value Take Time and Consistency- There is no easy button, no over night fix, no instant success.
  8. Under Promise and Over Deliver-Don’t tell them, show them.

I have more but these eight will not fail you. Take some time and figure out what some of yours are. In the video I explore deeper and share more. This way of operating is a game-changer and will help you more readily navigate towards your goals while you deal with all the things life throws at you.

Was this helpful for you? Please let me know in the comments below and feel free to share.

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P.S. I am committed to helping as many people be their best self as possible, because I believe that allows each of us to make our greatest contribution to all. The 3 Circles Living Platform is a key to this. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone was living more joyfully, productively, vitally, and with purpose!

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