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How Often Do You Find Yourself Frustrated Because You Just Can’t Seem to Get Over The Hump?

In Greek Mythology, Sisyphus was the King of Ephyra. Unfortunately for Sisyphus, he wasn’t a very good person according to legend. He was all about himself. Apparently, he would do anything to anyone in order to maintain his power. As a result, he was punished by Zeus.

His punishment was to spend eternity rolling an immense bolder up a hill only to have it roll down on him every time he was close to the top. Imagine spending your days experiencing the anticipation of accomplishing something, working as hard as possible, making some progress, and then having your hopes completely dashed, and having to start all over. Does that feel at all familiar?

Because of his punishment, Sisyphus had no other option. He couldn’t look for a different way to accomplish his goal. He simply had to do the same thing over and over, expecting a different result, but never getting it.

Some say this is the definition of insanity.

What’s the Difference Between YOU and Sisyphus?

You have the opportunity to make changes as you try to push your boulder to the top.

I’m sure you can relate to this feeling. In my various quests to push my boulders, I have had many times when I felt like I would make some progress upward and then it was as if the hill got muddy and I would start slipping backwards, find a grip temporarily, push upwards again, and then slip back again.

This applies to any worthy accomplishment in your life journey. You can apply this to losing weight, getting fit, building a business, and practically anything else. Success in anything is an uphill road.

There is simply no real achievement of value that will come easily and smoothly.

This is why I say you should always…

Write Your Goals in INK and Your Plans in Pencil.

You see, it’s impossible to plan for all the eventualities when you are in pursuit of something. After all, to accomplish something you haven’t yet accomplished, you will have to do and experience things you have never done and experienced. Even if you have done it before, NOW is a different time.

You are different, the world is different, and change, which is constant, continues to happen in all corners of the endeavor.

You must have a steadfast no turning back mentality about your goal. This is the only way a significant goal ever happens. If you are not experiencing periods when you want to quit or where you feel hopeless, then you simply don’t care enough, or aren’t trying hard enough.

This is part of the journey. Where you don’t HAVE to stay locked in however, is how you go about doing it. Hence, the idea of plans in pencil.

The Key is to Plan in 90 Day Cycles.

Set your ACTION plans for 90 days. And then stick to the plan. You can go intensely for 90 days and then you need a break anyway. Sort of like pushing the boulder up for 90 days, then lodging something under it or tying it off, resting, and considering how the plan went, and planning for the next 90 day push.

If things have gone well so far, you might not have to change anything for the next 90 days. If things haven’t gone as you hoped, you make adjustments in your plan. If things have clearly changed in the environment you operate in, or if new resources have become available, or you learned something new to apply, then you factor all these into the new plan and you begin again.

Even if things went very well, it is still smart to consider how you can do it better.

“That’s the way we’ve always done it” are words of doom. Things change too quickly, and new applications are constantly being discovered, so NEVER stay locked in to the idea that there is only ever one way to accomplish your quest.

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Many Blessings, Todd

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