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Everyone is Right and No One is Right.

This statement has significant implications for the current state of what I believe is a massive crisis of respect in society. How can everyone be right? Because we all have the freedom of choice. We can choose what is right for us. Ideally, we choose based on a set of core values and principles that guide us fundamentally as opposed to choosing based on emotion.

How can no one be right? Because we have no right to choose what is right for someone else. We are not in their shoes. We do not see the world as they see it. In an ideal world we would have the empathy to recognize that each of us has the right to choose our paths and our beliefs.

I was fishing the other day, and as is normal for my brain, a song was playing over and over in my head. Does this happen to you? You can’t even remember when you last heard a certain song, and then there it is, the only thing on your internal playlist for the day!

Anyway, the song from the Indigo Girls “Closer to Fine” was playing in my head. Here is the chorus that was on tap for me…

We go to the doctor, we go to the mountains
We look to the children, we drink from the fountain
Yeah, we go to the Bible, we go through the work out
We read up on revival, we stand up for the lookout
There’s more than one answer to these questions
Pointing me in a crooked line.

The gist of this is that we are all searching for the answers to the life we envision for ourselves, in addition to how to best make our way in the various areas of life that are important to us. If we take any single facet, and truly look at it, we will see that there are many choices and perspectives that we can apply.

Are they all RIGHT?

In some ways yes, but what is the MOST right for us? Only time will tell, and even then we will never know, because we never get the opportunity to see what a different choice would yield. We simply make the best choice for us given the information at hand, and then move forward.

No one else has the right to weigh-in on our choices. They simply have to choose that we, like they, have a right to choose, and therefore, our only choice is to have respect for their right to choose. The only choice I don’t respect is when an individual purposefully chooses to hurt someone else.

Other than that, I believe in full respect for someone’s right to choose.

This is Where the Crisis Exists.

Too many people seem to have forgotten that they see the world based on what they want it to be and on who they are, and that is unique to them, and not necessarily the way the world should be. Their picture is miniscule compared to the real, big, picture.

Instead of respect, we have a lot of noise and disrespect. It creates negativity, ill-will, and lack of unity. There is a flood of it in the media in general, and on social media.

And in my opinion stems from a single common problem. A lack of self-respect.

The True Crisis is Self-Respect.

If we don’t respect ourselves, then we will not take proper care of ourselves. We won’t take care of our health, we won’t develop our skills, we won’t feel confident walking the path our heart indicates we should walk, and we won’t feel worthy of the opportunities that come our way.

And subsequently, we won’t be very happy. People who are unhappy don’t often look in the mirror and ask themselves the hard questions.

Instead, they look out the window to see who is to blame. The government, the education system, our parents, the marketplace, and the list goes on.

Envy and hatred become the fuel. Anyone else, who thinks differently is part of the problem. They are making the world a place that makes the unhappy so unhappy.

My Cause is to Help People Become Their Best Self.

Why? Selfishly, this brings me fulfillment and joy. It is what I am purposed to do. It doesn’t mean everyone else should be doing it too. I believe firmly that if everyone lived in the flow of 3 Circles Living, the respect crisis would disappear.

When human beings feel good, that they matter, that they are loved, that they have value, and that they are abundantly blessed, they don’t feel like good things are scarce. They don’t feel lack or entitlement. They feel an underlying contentment and gratitude that life is generally good. Not perfect. It will never be perfect. It will never be without hardship and struggle.

Instead, they will be able to live their choices, respect other’s choices, and serve others to the degree they can.

When we have self-respect, we are also conscious that this is important for others. We spend no time trying to tear down anyone else, because we are aware that we can negatively influence their self-respect.

If you are struggling, I encourage you to get off the merry-go-round of life for a few moments and be still, and then start over from the ground up. Begin working on yourself…you are worth it, and there is way more that you are capable of than you will ever know.

Then make it a point to respect and invest in supporting and encouraging others, regardless of your opinion of their ideas and path.

I promise you; this will begin to make a big difference. Together, perhaps we can bring more respect back to our world.

As you make changes, especially “Bold Moves” you will be challenged by others who may not respect your choices. Here is a video I did recently to help you with this. If you found any of this article/video helpful, please share it with others.

If you need some coaching reach out to me.

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Many Blessings, Todd

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