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Nothing Spreads Faster Than Negativity

If you didn’t know this prior to 2020, I’m sure you are aware now. While a virus like COVID is an infective agent, needs a host to survive, moves from person to person through contact, and for some people can be dangerous, it needs an incubation period for someone to become contagious and spread it.

Negativity operates like a virus in that it needs a host (person) to survive and is spread from person to person. However, it is infinitely worse in that it needs no incubation period and can be dangerous to all it touches. I am in no way down-playing the seriousness of COVID or any other sickness. I am “up-playing” the impact of negativity and the contagiousness and deleterious impact this can have overall.

If you were to take a second and evaluate what has had a bigger impact on the world… the physical reality of COVID and the health impact, or the emotional toll the lockdowns, media, fear, and negativity have wrought, it’s not difficult to see that the emotional side is dwarfing the physical reality.

We Are All Emotional Creatures

This isn’t a newsflash, I know, but we do need to be reminded of it. Anything that affects our emotions negatively, can influence our decision-making, communication with others, and self-worth.

It is only through deep self-awareness and subsequent practice, that we ultimately minimize the impact our emotions have on our actions. And even then, emotions can sometimes still get the better of us.

One negative word or gesture eventually affects countless people. Think about it. Hurting people hurt people. Treat someone poorly and the likelihood is that the next person they interact with will end up feeling it and then the next person THEY interact with will feel it, and so on.

We have to be proactive in making sure that we are as immune to negativity as possible, and that we are spreaders of positivity.

I’m going to give you three simple things you can do on a consistent basis to help you slow today’s raging spread of negativity and the impact on you personally.

The First is to Limit Your Exposure…

If you know someone is sick, you stay away right? Well…if you know someone is negative, the same strategy is called for. I realize there are some situations relative to the workplace and family where this is easier said than done. In these cases, limit where you can, and also be self-aware as to how this person impacts you so that you can deflect as much as possible.

The other area of consistent exposure that you can absolutely control is media. It is important to know what is going on in the world, but you don’t have to subject yourself to the sensationalism and repeated offending that is today’s media. Be extremely selective as to where you get your news, otherwise you are simply being subjected to negative marketing. Much of the media is promoting an agenda, and scaring you into an action that feeds who feeds them is part of it. Think of it this way…would you allow someone to bring their trash can into your living room and dump it on the floor? This is exactly what the media is doing to our heads if we allow them. This goes to social media as well. Be conscious of what you allow into your space. I rarely scroll the newsfeeds on social media, but when I do, I rarely see anything negative. Do you know why that is? Because I don’t engage with people that spread negativity.

The Second is to Strengthen Your Immunity…

Even the most diligent efforts will not keep all negativity from touching you, and in addition, you have to deal with your own emotional meter and attitude day-to-day. I am particularly freakish in my attention to this one, because in general if I want to be a productive human being, I have no choice. There are many things in my morning routine (which I will be making available soon) that help me with this one, and all of them will help you as well, but there is one thing in particular that is like a force-field against negativity, and that is gratitude.

Take a minute and really immerse yourself in the idea of how thankful you are for something precious in your life. Then, just as you get to the warmth of the gratitude, try to feel negative while maintaining the gratitude.

You can’t do it.

Gratitude and negativity just don’t co-exist. Since we are creatures who have the blessing of choice, choose to cultivate a grateful spirit. I talk about this in two separate areas of the 3 Circles Living book because it is so important.

Take a few minutes first thing in the morning and consider all that you truly have to be grateful for. Really consider this, and it will lift your attitude. Again, if you want more on this read the book.

The Third is to Be a Positive Force…

Kindness and respect diffuse negativity. By minimizing your exposure and bosting your immunity, you go a long way towards reducing the impact negativity has on you. By being a positive force…on purpose…you can also be an agent for less negativity in general.

When you make sure that each person you encounter you treat with kindness, you influence their behavior in a positive way with the next person they come in contact with. Will this change the world?

Not in a flash, but eventually it would if everyone did the same.

I make it a point to be nice to everyone I encounter. Nice is easy. A smile is easy. I don’t stick around to see what happens next, so I can’t promise it matters all the time, but I can tell you this….

I have very few negative experiences with other people, in any realm in my life.

Is this coincidence? I do not believe so. I think it’s proof.

If this could be beneficial to someone else, please share. Here is a video I recently recorded that would go even further in helping wipe out negativity, while also increasing your positive impact with others.

If you need some Coaching, or Training for your organization, reach out to me.

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Many Blessings, Todd

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