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So What is “IT?”

Whatever you are trying to accomplish is IT.

We all have multiple “ITs” in our lives as we try to improve our quality of life. These might be trying to get fit, lose weight, or just be healthier. Or it could be trying to become more successful in our career. Or it could be trying to do a certain thing or accomplish a certain goal. Perhaps we are trying to improve a relationship, write a novel, start a side-gig…

It doesn’t matter what the thing is, what matters is getting IT done. And here is where the problem comes in.

We over-think it. We try to short-cut it. We complicate it. We spend too much time trying to get ready or wait until the time is right. We spend too much time looking for a newer way, a better way, an easier way.

If I Was Wrong About This…

We would all be living the life of our dreams. We all would have ideal health, ideal relationships, an ideal bank account, and a wall full of certificates of accomplishment. But as I look around I see a society where 88% of the population is considered unhealthy, 78% are living paycheck to paycheck, more marriages fail than don’t, 70% don’t enjoy their work, 85% of people don’t feel good about themselves, and the list goes on.

I know how ALL of these feel because at one point or another in my life, I have BEEN all of these people.

Many Years Ago I Found The Secret…

Well, it’s not much of a secret. It’s more like the TRUTH! The truth is that everything in life that is worth achieving has a process to it. This means that there are a set of fundamental, simple steps that lead to a predictable outcome when repeated. This is true for anything. When you apply the self-discipline to take these steps consistently and indefinitely, whatever you are stepping towards gets nearer.

I openly talk about how much of a train-wreck I was for the first 28 years or so of my life. There are a myriad of reasons for this of which one of them was that I had ZERO self-discipline. I just did not follow through with anything that was hard and I was not purposefully consistent with anything. What I mean by that is I was certainly consistent with some things. Those are called habits. We all have them. Unfortunately, if you aren’t purposeful about habits, you tend to be consistent with only the habits you find pleasurable, with little to no consideration of the long term outcome.

What changed for me, started when I got married and suddenly I had responsibility for others who were on the train with me so to speak. It’s one thing to wreck yourself and an entirely different thing to take others with you! This is when I began investing time in personal development and started to cultivate little disciplines. In studying Jim Rohn and Og Mandino I became aware that accomplishment in life was not based on the luck of the draw, but was available to anyone who would simply do the basics.

“A few simple disciplines practiced everyday” is what Jim Rohn boiled successful outcomes down to, and Og Mandino imparted the tenet that “I will persist until I succeed.”

It was then just a function of applying these perspectives to something. And that universal something is a PROCESS. Everything you want to accomplish breaks down into a basic process. A series of steps that individually are not overwhelming or too difficult to take.

At points along the road, the steps will get harder in every process. This is where the learning is coming in. The plateaus when the progress slows, or even recedes a bit while you grow strong enough internally to move past, and learn enough to move forward.

Once You Get This, It’s Only A Matter of Time

This is the golden nugget of this article, and it’s also where you have to stay true to your process. Depending on what IT is, the journey to a substantial accomplishment could take a long time. And you really have no basis of experience to understand just how long that will be, nor do you have a crystal ball to know all the other things in your life that will occur during the journey.

You have to stay true to your process. Should you look for new ways to do it? Sure! It’s smart to be open-minded to what others have learned who are traveling the road you are on. It’s smart to see what new advances and discoveries can be utilized. But beware of anything that completely removes a step in the process. That is usually a false utopia.

I wanted to get healthy. I applied a set of small disciplines to the process and it has worked for 30 plus years.

I wanted to improve my relationships. I applied a set of small steps to a process and the same has occurred.

I wanted to build a business. Did the same. It worked. Then I did it again. And again. The process never fails. It is only we who fail to stay with a process.

I am not any more special than you or anyone else. I have some positive qualities and some difficult stuff to deal with. Just like you. What has led to creating the life I wanted, in all 3 Circles, was finding the process for each circle, and then taking little disciplined steps consistently and persisting through the periods when it got harder.

This is why I am a freak about fundamentals and basics when I teach. Because I know if you follow the little basic steps, learn what you need to learn, and stick to the process, whatever you want to improve, accomplish, and create is only a matter of time.

I hope this encourages you and inspires you in moving forward. Please share this with others.

Here is a Live video where I talk about “Why You Would Want to Deviate and 3 Keys to Doing So” that relates to this article.


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