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What Do You Worry About?

What a question that is to ponder! Since that one is too all encompassing and overwhelming, let’s add these six words to it: “that you can do something about.”

So now we have “What do you worry about that you can do something about?” This is where you can proactively wipe out lots of stress and thereby increase peace of mind.

There will be one primary focus in this article that will help you a lot, but there is also a strategy you can begin employing right away that will help some too.

Consider all the things that you worry about and can do nothing about (these are much more global in nature), and block off all sources of information about these. Seriously, what is the point of paying any attention to these things? All they do is cause you stress, affect your life by stealing joy, and impact your relationships by giving you bad energy. You have a choice here. Change the channel.

Now that you will have freed up some emotional bandwidth in your brain and heart, let’s get to work in taking the steps that bring more peace.

Find the Holes and Remove the Scarcity

The things you worry about that you can control have to do mostly with areas of insecurity and compromise. Where do you feel like you don’t have enough or are not enough. The pandemic revealed that a high percentage of the population has compromise when it comes to health (physical and mental), money, and close relationships. Meaning there are challenges in these areas in general.

Special note here: worrying about your children of any and all ages, is not the scope of this article…as a parent, no matter how well my kids are doing, I’m going to worry about them…and you probably are too😊

Anyway, the key is to begin to proactively remove compromise. This is the beginning point. This is exactly what the 3 Circles Living platform is by the way. It is a sequential roadmap that if followed, over time, can take you completely out of compromise and lead to abundance in all the areas of your life that are important to you.

The first step is to be real with yourself and assess where in your life you have compromise. Don’t waste a second trying to figure out how you got into this position, or looking for a place to lay blame. You are here. Now do something about it. Decide you are going to improve these areas.

Focus on What You Want Things to Look Like

This is important. Often times when we want something to change we focus a lot on what it is we don’t want any more. This isn’t helpful. You are essentially keeping your attention on the negative and this is just going to prolong it. Focus only on what you want it to be in the future. Get a picture in your mind’s eye of you healthier, you enjoying more love, you accomplishing the work or improving the skill, or whatever it is.

Accept That it’s a Process

Everything requires consistent steps. And, you are not going to want to wait for the results to come. But you have to. You have to stay patient while you grow and advance forward and endure the times when it will be slow going. The reason there is so much compromise in our culture in general is because people are unwilling to be patient in developing sustainable improvement in life. You have to change your definition of success to be in line with the process. Each step is a success. Over and over, in time, it becomes visible, and with continuance, the pendulum of your life shifts from having compromise, to no longer having compromise, to then having various stages of increasing abundance.

It’s an Inside Out Job

The more you grow on the inside the more the external picture of your life will reflect what you would want to reflect. This approach is the path of deep integrity and lasting change. You become the person who has abundance. You decide what your life will look like by living it exactly the way that is best for manifesting abundance. This doesn’t mean you will not have worries and struggles. It means that they will change and be more positive in their direction. We started with worry over compromise….in the future you will be worrying about how to make a bigger impact in your life, how to make a bigger contribution, how to infuse your purpose, and all kinds of blossoming ideas that can only come through inspiration that is unbridled by day to day worry.

I gave you a recipe here that works. I know. I live this and have for a long time. If you need some more encouragement, ideas, inspiration, etc. here is a video where I talk a great deal about how it all happens through the 3 Circles Living Platform. If you would share this with others, you never know who it may help.

If you need some Coaching, or Training for your organization, reach out to me.

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Many Blessings, Todd

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