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Wouldn’t it Be Great to Be Inspired Every Day?

In a world that is full of negativity, that is not an easy task. Having said that, there are several things you can do consistently that can lift you into feeling inspiration. At least they have worked for me and I know they work for others as well. I have shared before with you (and I share very deeply in the 3 Circles Living book) about how my brain chemical wiring is not oriented to feeling positive/energized  on a regular basis. I have to work very hard on centering everyday so that I can show up in the best way possible when I am serving my clients and organization, and everything I share with you here, I DO consistently.

I want you to have the highest level of success possible (based on what level of success you want) in your work, and your richest life possible in general. In order to do that, you need to be inspired. Inspiration is a positive driver, and this makes it harder to access because by nature we move away from fear before we move towards pleasure, i.e. we act faster from desperation than inspiration. Here are the six things for you:

  1. Focus on Who YOU Are- This means getting away from the unhealthy tendency we all have to focus on what we AREN’T. In the book (3 Circles), I walk you through a strengths exercise that can help you immensely, in addition to providing insights into the value of your personality and preferences as well. There is TOO MUCH comparison in life. You aren’t like anyone else, so quit looking at what they have in the way of gifting, and look inside for YOURS, and then you will have a better understanding of how you make your way in the world. This alone is a major mind shift. For example, I struggled mightily as an introvert when I was younger. Then I uncovered all the cool aspects and gifts of introversion, and used them to build success in my career. (at the end of this article there is a special free offer for introverts who are building a business or would like to take initiative on an idea).

2. Daily Personal Development- This is one of my fundamental tenets for growth and success for everyone and in anything because it has been the foundation for my life’s evolution. 15 minutes a day is all you need. It’s part of self care and not optional. In today’s world there are many options for this…books, audios, videos, podcasts, blogs (like mine:-).

3. Study Success Stories Unrelated to Your Work- This is one of the more inspiring things you can do. We all have a tendency to think our struggles and challenges are tough to surmount and maybe impossible. Learning about how others walked through their fire to accomplish something of meaning gives us hope and hope and inspiration are clearly best friends.

  1. Take Action- Do something. Just taking a small step towards something lifts you. Especially if you don’t feel like it. You will never FEEL your way into an action. You can however, ACT your way into a feeling. Many times in my life I didn’t feel like doing the thing I knew I needed to do. I knew if I didn’t do it, I would just feel worse because of the guilt, self-loathing and all the other stuff that comes with inaction. So I got into action anyway, and every time I felt better soon.

5. Celebrate Small Wins in Life- Everyday some things go right. Everyday you do things. How often do you give yourself credit for what you do? Let’s be real…you are going to beat yourself up every time you make a mistake or fall short. Telling you not to do this isn’t going to help, because you’re going to do it anyway. You CAN drown this out and minimize the angst by considering the things you do that work out. And nothing is too small. This will help you see how good your life actually is…which feeds your positive mindset, which lends a hand to inspiration.

6. Hang Around the Right People– GET AWAY from negative people. Life is too short. GET AROUND positive, uplifting, inspired people. As someone who is highly sensitive to negative energy, I tend to truncate all negative relationships in my life. I do this as self-preservation, and also from the perspective of responsibility. I, like you, have a responsibility to show up for the people in my life (personal, organizational, clients, community) the best I can. Make every effort to nurture positive relationships, and also go a step farther and have a coach/mentor that believes in you and encourages you.

These six should help you immensely if you take them to heart. Please share this with people who are in need of a little inspiration or who are working at accomplishing something.

INTROVERTS, about this video: 4 years ago I was building a training platform to serve the home business industry. As you may know, the home business world helped me grow in so many ways I cannot count them all, and it led to all other aspects of my career (in addition to income/wealth) despite being an introvert. Anyway, I was in the midst of creating a program for Introverts when I decided I did not want to focus in the home business training world (even though I was making great progress) because I enjoy the corporate side of training so much. As a result, I abandoned the project and then totally forgot about it. Recently I found the video series in my Google Drive. The content is so valuable I decided to go ahead and release these ten videos for FREE for anyone. While these are targeted for the home based business person, the content will help anyone who is introverted and is involved in or considering being involved in ANYTHING related to people or requiring initiative. I encourage you to share these as well. The first video is an intro, videos 2-6 are very personal development related, and the last 4 are more specific to working.

If you need some Coaching, or Training for your organization, reach out to me.

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Many Blessings, Todd

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