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If the “Truth Will Set You Free,” Then There are a LOT of People in Bondage…

Let’s be real…there is so much “misinformation” in our world today. I don’t have to point to anything in particular, because if you are remotely aware and self-responsible then you know already that most of our “news” sources are really just “information sources with an agenda” and most of the other messaging we get is designed to influence us in some way, as opposed to specifically educate.

In the spirit of truth, I’m not different. Most all of my content and messaging is designed to influence you towards living a better life, and becoming your best self, based on what I believe is true, and what has been true for my clients and teams. What I’m trying to do in essence is help you reduce “miss information,” specifically the information you might be missing that helps you make better decisions regarding your health, relationships, capability, pursuits, career, etc. and then for those that choose to, I go the next step and teach you what I know can help you do better.

News, Media, Truth

Real quick, lets define these three to make sure we are on the same page:

Media: A means of mass communication

News: Noteworthy information

Neither of these two things are connected to truth per se, in their existence. It would be great if they were, but they aren’t. In fact, “Media” is for profit in general, which means they are going to provide “News” that is noteworthy information that keeps people tuning in, as that is their goal, since viewers equate to income for them. The other side of this equation, is that advertisers play a huge role in the Media’s profit structure. Thereby, you can count on the Media to focus on “noteworthy information” that is favorable to the profitability of their advertisers. This stuff is all economic common sense once you have clarity on the equation.

Truth is an entirely different thing. Defined it means “a fact or belief that is accepted as true.” The word accepted is the word to focus on. Some things are irrefutable, and others are not. There are also many things that impact the degree of truth, and there is always the matter of context.

Anyway, you cannot control the world outside of yourself. As the Serenity Prayer says:

“God grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change (everyone else in the world and motivations and agendas of the world you interact in), The courage to CHANGE the things I can (starting with you and then your purposeful actions and cause), And the WISDOM to know the difference (this is where I’m trying to help right now😊).” In case you’ve never seen the prayer before, the parentheses are my additions for creative and informative purpose.

Here are Six Things That Can Help You Sort Through All Information for What’s Closest to the Truth in General, and Then Specifically for You:

CHECK YOUR LENS-in most all circumstance of interaction, there is the thing being said/done and then there is your perception of what is said/done. Based on how your lens is, you will interpret different things. Are they all true? You cannot know without knowing where YOU are coming from in the moment, and then assessing the scenario without your own need to tilt it.

QUESTION ALL ASSUMPTIONS-I can’t possibly count how many times I have said this in coaching or training. So many things we do in life are based on assumption, but we don’t consider it assumption…we consider it to be truth. Simply ask yourself…do I know for certain that this (assumption) is true? If you have no proof of certainty, you are wise NOT to consider it true, but instead to try to figure out why you believe it’s true.

KNOW THYSELF-This one is a giant in living your best life. I’m working on some powerful content in this area right now that will go real deep in helping you uncover more than you may have already, but for now the 3 Circles Living book is a great start. In addition, you need to get clear about what your values, principles and beliefs are, as these become guides for knowing what will serve as truth for you when things get cloudy.

STAND IN YOUR TRUTH-If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. Truth for you cannot be subject to popularity. You have to fly the flag of your convictions. You should definitely be open-minded to new information as there is always more to learn, and you should respect that others choose to believe differently, but stand in what you believe.

CHECK THE SOURCE-Whatever info is coming at you, consider where it’s coming from. Who has what to gain from you accepting and acting on this? And by the way, just because someone has something for sale doesn’t mean their information isn’t true, it just means that they believe what they offer can help you in light of the truth they are sharing (if they have the right heart). You have to consider if this can be true for you…and you do this by using some of these ideas.

CHECK YOUR GUT– Intuition, spirit, gut, you can call this whatever you want, but it is absolutely a real thing. I believe your “gut” is a confluence of a lot of factors that let you know if something “feels right.” I bet more often than not, your gut was right in the past and many of those times you went against it…because you failed to check your lens, assumptions, source, etc. If I have ANY “check in my spirit” (this is what I call it) I stop and dig into to it so I can see what the cause is before I take another step.

If you consistently use these six tips you will have a better chance of discerning the truth or the layer of truth that is appropriate for whatever scenario you are encountering.

One more quick thing here. If two people are talking to you about the other, then automatically take the stance that the truth is in the middle somewhere. You probably already knew this, but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded!

This is a video for you that I created a few years ago, that will give you some quick training on how to manage assumptions.

I hope this article/video was helpful for you. If you received some value, please share.

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Many Blessings, Todd

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