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Is This a Grammatical Mistake?

No. It’s not.

It’s exactly what it says…say it word by word….do more (of your work/life) better (in all capacities). If I said “how to do much better,” that would apply to this article just the same, but it wouldn’t have made me smile as much when I typed it😊

When I do training for organizations, one of the first things I communicate to them is that I am no expert in their specific work (usually this is true but there are some organizations I train where I have worked successfully in their field, and do know the work. For example, sales and leadership). I don’t know the ins and outs of every industry, customer, or specific job. So how come companies have me train their people, and then bring me back over and over?

Because, while I don’t know how to teach them how to do their specific job better relative to executing in their required competencies in the work, I help them to become better in doing their job, which makes them substantially more effective and productive individually and collectively (inside AND outside of work). This comes through teaching the fully transferrable, and ALWAYS applicable, core competencies and leadership competencies.

Are You Developing the Right Thing?

This is a massive point. Think about this for a second. Regardless of the business you are in, there is a fundamental process to creating the output. Within this process are a set of competencies that need to be mastered to engage the resources that produce the result.

Generally speaking, the more effective and efficient you are in the fundamental process the more profitable you can be when you apply scale to it. I realize this is an oversimplification, but this is how it works.

As a result, the in-house training tends to be focused on every aspect of this process and the divisions/departments that drive it from point A to point Z. When we aren’t doing as well as we’d like, or when we are trying to improve or create a new competitive advantage, we focus on process improvement between A and Z.

This is important. We have to train people in exactly what to do and how to do it or we have no marketable output.

The challenge is that it’s woefully limited. The most important thing in your business, regardless of industry or market segment, is NOT your product, service, marketing plan, compensation packages, benefit packages, strategy, budgeting, advertising, branding, packaging, value proposition, and you can fill in the rest of the things that are part of what you do.

People are the Most Important Thing in Your Business.

Plenty of businesses with massive competitive advantages, and the best in everything I mentioned, fail because they didn’t have the right people…or they didn’t sufficiently value their people and develop their people.

It’s simple really. Take two people of equal ability to do the job. Develop the interpersonal and productivity competencies in one of them and not the other. Which one is going to be more effective? More efficient? More confident? More attractive? More engaged?

This is the secret sauce.

You have talented motivated people coming into your business who have years of schooling, yet have very little formal training in the interpersonal competencies that help them be more effective with people, better teammates, and more confident to deal with “in the moment” situations.  In addition, they have very little formal training in the productivity fundamentals that help them prioritize and utilize their time well, make better decisions and solve problems, and move confidently towards goals.

Across the business landscape, we have people who are learning the skills of a job, but on a foundation of skills that detract from their ability to perform, instead of enhance it.

When people get training in these skills, they suddenly begin to do much better in the work. When people DO better, they begin to FEEL better about what they are doing and about themselves in doing it.

This is what I refer to as the “Mental” part of the health circle in the 3 Circles Living platform. Even though we tend to think about these core competencies professionally, they have everything to do with our life experience personally. Boil it down to this simple perspective; to be fulfilled in our relationships personally, we have to show up physically. We also have to be fully present mentally. Time and attention are the investment relationships need.

The more we develop our core competencies (interpersonal/productivity) the better we show up in a relationship in our personal life. This forms the foundation for how we show up professionally. And when you look at what separates some people out in terms of their greater effectiveness professionally, you will see they are either great with people, or great with how they use their time, or both.

This then becomes the foundation for effective leadership. You simply will have a hard time being an awesome leader without the foundation core competencies, because all leadership competencies are built on them. This is how it comes full circle in the growth and development of an organization.

The bottom line is that when you develop the core competencies in yourself, and the people that you serve and lead (if that applies to you), Every one does “MORE BETTER” and your organization will thrive.

Here is a video where you learn more about how these competencies impact your credibility which leads to more opportunities in all corners of your life. If you got value from this article please share.

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Many Blessings, Todd

P.S. Do you want to live your richest life possible? That begins with taking care of yourself. But that brings us to an entirely different area of struggle doesn’t it? If you a hard time getting yourself to do the healthy things you know you should do, here is a video on what I believe is the Ultimate Health Hack.

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