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If It’s of Any Significant Value in Your Life, You’ll Have Times When You Want to Quit.

If you look into your past, and possibly your present, then you know this is generally true. “Feeling” like quitting is part of the process of improvement and accomplishment.

As I look back in my own life, the line in the sand that represented accomplishing things consistently versus accomplishing nothing, was the line of between quitting and not. A simple decision. Not necessarily an easy decision, but a simple one nonetheless.

I live a life I never could have imagined as a young man. Because that young man didn’t know that the thing that separates people who succeed from those that don’t isn’t natural born ability, or fate, or personality, or upbringing….it’s dogged determination and a refusal to stop. Especially in the face of struggle, fatigue, uncertainty, sabotage (self-or others), repeated failures, lack of progress for significant amounts of time, and any other reality you want to add here.

If you don’t have times when you feel like quitting, then what you are doing is either not very important to you, not very valuable, or you aren’t trying very hard.

Growth and Development Are by Nature Uncomfortable

Fortunately for many, they have realized that NOT growing and developing is MUCH worse that dealing with the discomfort of pushing through.

The 3 Circles are all examples of this. If you want to have excellence in the health circle (which entails all aspects of health and development), the relationship circle, and the money/career circle, then you will have to consistently push through struggle that wears on you. If you don’t, then eventually the struggles you will deal with will be much worse than any growth struggle ever feels.

The bottom line is that feeling like quitting is part of the journey. Quitting ends the journey way before the good stuff happens. That’s not optional in general, except for the occurrence of a true values change or an extreme circumstance…these are exceptions, not rules.

Tips For When This Feeling Arises

There are many things that can help, and here are some of my go-to strategies:

    1. Remember why you started.
    2. Take a short break.
    3. Consider the alternative.
    4. Consider future regret.
    5. This is where the learning and growth happens.
    6. Think about who you are doing it for.
    7. Think about who’s watching.

Any one of these seven strategies can help you out, and I explain each specifically in the video below. If this article and video are at all helpful for you, please share with others.

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Many Blessings, Todd

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